Oregon Law Review

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Volume 86, Number 3


From Pierce to Smith: The Oregon Connection and Supreme Court Religion Jurisprudence
Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain
86 Or. L. Rev. 635

Rethinking Profiling: A Cognitive Model of Bias and Its Legal Implications
Alex Geisinger
86 Or. L. Rev. 657

Colorblind Context: Redefining Race-Conscious Policies in Primary and Secondary Education
Lauren E. Winters
86 Or. L. Rev. 679

When Turnabout Is Fair Play: Character Evidence and Self-Defense in Homicide and Assault Cases
Christopher W. Behan
86 Or. L. Rev. 733

Clicking and Cringing
Nancy S. Kim
86 Or. L. Rev. 797


Redefining What It Means to Be Charitable: Raising the Bar with a Public Benefit Requirement
Tiffany Keb
86 Or. L. Rev. 865