Oregon Law Review

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Volume 86, Number 4


Fast-Food Government and Physician-Assisted Death: The Role of Direct Democracy in Federalism
K.K. DuVivier
86 Or. L. Rev. 895

The Path of Corporate Law: Of Options Backdating, Derivative Suits, and the Business Judgment Rule
Daniel J. Morrissey
86 Or. L. Rev. 973

Truth, Deterrence, and the Impeachment Exception
James L. Kainen
86 Or. L. Rev. 1017

Where Lies the Emperor’s Robe? An Inquiry into the Problem of Judicial Legitimacy
Gregory C. Pingree
86 Or. L. Rev. 1095


A Healthy Food Tax Credit: Moving Away from the Fat Tax and Its Fault-Based Paradigm
Chris L. Winstanley
86 Or. L. Rev. 1151

MySpace, Your Space, or Our Space? New Frontiers in Electronic Evidence
John S. Wilson
86 Or. L. Rev. 1201