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Volume 87, Number 1


Stefanie Herrington
87 Or. L. Rev. 1

Margaret Paris
87 Or. L. Rev. 3

Dominick Vetri
87 Or. L. Rev. 4

Charles Wilkinson
87 Or. L. Rev. 8

David Schuman
87 Or. L. Rev. 12

Carl S. Bjerre
87 Or. L. Rev. 14

Jill McKeough
87 Or. L. Rev. 20

Kelly Helt
87 Or. L. Rev. 24


Equal Sentences for Unequal Participation: Should the Eighth Amendment Allow All Juvenile Murder Accomplices to Receive Life Without Parole?
Brian R. Gallini
87 Or. L. Rev. 29

The Ancient Roots of Modern Financial Innovation: The Early History of Regulatory Arbitrage
Michael S. Knoll
87 Or. L. Rev. 93

Federalism, the Rehnquist Court, and the Modern Republican Party
Bradley W. Joondeph
87 Or. L. Rev. 117

Protecting Non-Indians from Harm? The Property Consequences of Indians
Ezra Rosser
87 Or. L. Rev. 175

Sloppy Joe, Slop, Sloppy Joe: How USDA Commodities Dumping Ruined the National School Lunch Program
J. Amy Dillard
87 Or. L. Rev. 221


A Four-Step Inquiry to Guide Judicial Review of Executive Privilege Disputes Between the Political Branches
Chad T. Marriott
87 Or. L. Rev. 259

Foreclosing on the Subprime Loan Crisis: Why Current Regulations Are Flawed and What Is Needed to Stop Another Crisis from Occurring
Rayth T. Myers
87 Or. L. Rev. 311