Oregon Law Review

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Volume 87, Number 2


Illusory Consent: When an Incapacitated Patient Agrees to Treatment
Fredrick E. Vars
87 Or. L. Rev. 353

Judicial Power and Moral Ideology in Wartime: Shaping the Legal Process in World War I Britain
Rachel Vorspan
87 Or. L. Rev. 401

Buying Witness Silence: Evidence-Suppressing Settlements and Lawyers' Ethics
Jon Bauer
87 Or. L. Rev. 481

Government Intervention in Emerging Networked Technologies
Erik Lillquist and Sarah E. Waldeck
87 Or. L. Rev. 581


Punitives, Damaged: The Troubling Due Process Implications of Philip Morris v. Williams and the Case for a Sounder Approach to Litigating Third-Party Harm
J. Aaron Landau
87 Or. L. Rev. 637

Opening Medical Settlements for the Public Good: Why Medical Cases Justify Secrecy in Settlement
Hannah V. Meisen-Vehrs
87 Or. L. Rev. 671