Oregon Law Review

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Volume 87, Number 3 (2008)

Symposium: One Hundred Fifty Years of Oregon Constitutional Law: Reflecting Back and Looking Forward
87 Or. L. Rev. 715


What Is a Constitution, What Is Not, and Why Does It Matter?
Hans A. Linde
87 Or. L. Rev. 717

Remembering 1857
Ralph James Mooney
87 Or. L. Rev. 731

Some Thoughts on Proportionality
Thomas A. Balmer
87 Or. L. Rev. 783

The Search for the Meaning of Oregon’s Search and Seizure Clause
Jack L. Landau
87 Or. L. Rev. 819

Should the Oregon Constitution Be Revised, and If So, How Should It Be Accomplished?
Robert F. Williams
87 Or. L. Rev. 867

One Hundred Fifty Years of Electing Judges in Oregon: Will There Be Fifty More?
Pete Shepherd
87 Or. L. Rev. 907

The Partly Fulfilled Promise of Home Rule in Oregon
Paul A. Diller
87 Or. L. Rev. 939

Direct Democracy, the Guaranty Clause, and the Politics of the “Political Question” Doctrine: Revisiting Pacific Telephone
Norman R. Williams
87 Or. L. Rev. 979

The Majority Will: A Case Study of Misinformation, Manipulation, and the Oregon Initiative Process
Paula Abrams
87 Or. L. Rev. 1025

The Oregon Constitution and the Quest for Party Reform
Richard A. Clucas
87 Or. L. Rev. 1061