Oregon Law Review

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Volume 87, Number 4 (2008)


Harry Potter and the (Re)Order of the Artists: Are We Muggles or Goblins?
Gary Pulsinelli
87 Or. L. Rev. 1101

From the Greedy to the Needy
Wendy C. Gerzog
87 Or. L. Rev. 1133

Biofuels—Snake Oil for the Twenty-First Century
Arnold W. Reitze, Jr.
87 Or. L. Rev. 1183


Rodrigo’s Homily: Storytelling, Elite Self-Interest, and Legal Change
Richard Delgado
87 Or. L. Rev. 1259


Circumventing Fair Use: How the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Restricts Fair Use and What to Do About It
Adam J. Cohen
87 Or. L. Rev. 1293

Unweaving the Dixon Blanket Rule: Flexible Treatment to Protect the Morally Innocent
Madeline Engel
87 Or. L. Rev. 1327