Oregon Law Review

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Volume 88, Number 1 (2009)


Christopher R. Page
88 Or. L. Rev. 1

Eugene F. Scoles
88 Or. L. Rev. 3

Ralph James Mooney
88 Or. L. Rev. 7

Ibrahim J. Gassama
88 Or. L. Rev. 10

Guido Alpa
88 Or. L. Rev. 18

Margaret Paris
88 Or. L. Rev. 20

Career Highlights
88 Or. L. Rev. 28


The New Battleground of Museum Ethics and Holocaust-Era Claims: Technicalities Trumping Justice or Responsible Stewardship for the Public Trust?
Jennifer Anglim Kreder
88 Or. L. Rev. 37

James Buchanan as Savior? Judicial Power, Political Fragmentation, and the Failed 1831 Repeal of Section 25
Mark A. Graber
88 Or. L. Rev. 95

Legal Education and the Ecology of Cultural Justice: How Affirmative Action Can Become Race-Neutral by 2028
David Dominguez
88 Or. L. Rev. 157

Employees on Guard: Employer Policies Restrict NLRA-Protected Concerted Activities on E-mail
Christine Neylon O'Brien
88 Or. L. Rev. 195

Marine Protected Areas as a Mechanism to Promote Marine Mammal Conservation: International and Comparative Law Lessons for the United States
Randall S. Abate
88 Or. L. Rev. 225


Dueling Scientific Experts: Is Australia's Hot Tub Method a Viable Solution for the American Judiciary?
Megan A. Yarnall
88 Or. L. Rev. 311