Oregon Law Review

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Volume 88, Number 2 (2009)

Symposium: Growing a Green Economy: Perspectives from Law and Business
88 Or. L. Rev. 341


Nancy Floyd
88 Or. L. Rev. 343


Back to the Future: Recommendations and Predictions for Greener Tax Policy
Roberta F. Mann
88 Or. L. Rev. 355

Recovery of a Lost Decade (or Is It Three?): Developing the Capacity in Government Necessary to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Administer Energy Markets
Marc B. Mihaly
88 Or. L. Rev. 405

Race to the Left: A Legislator’s Guide to Greening a Corporate Code
Judd F. Sneirson
88 Or. L. Rev. 491


Read the Fine Print: A Critical Look at Oregon’s Noncompete and Nonsolicitation Agreement Laws
Erin E. Gould
88 Or. L. Rev. 515

Civilizing Society: The Need for a Carbon Tax in Light of Recent Changes to U.S. Energy Taxation Policy
Daniel E. Kwak
88 Or. L. Rev. 547

Implementing Corporate Climate Change Responsibility: Possible State Legislative and SEC Responses to Climate Change Through Corporate Law Reform
Alison Torbitt
88 Or. L. Rev. 581