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Volume 88, Number 3 (2009)


Complementarity and Alternative Justice
Gregory S. Gordon
88 Or. L. Rev. 621

Virtue and Contract Law
Chapin F. Cimino
88 Or. L. Rev. 703

No More Nisour Squares: Legal Control of Private Security Contractors in Iraq and After
Charles Tiefer
88 Or. L. Rev. 745

Specific Intent and the Purposeful Narrowing of Victim Protection Under the Convention Against Torture
Mary Holper
88 Or. L. Rev. 777

Has the Fourth Amendment Gone to the Dogs?: Unreasonable Expansion of Canine Sniff Doctrine to Include Sniffs of the Home
Leslie A. Lunney
88 Or. L. Rev. 829


Being in the Language of Poetry, Being in the Language of Law
Lawrence Joseph
88 Or. L. Rev. 905


Of Property and Procreation: Oregon’s Place in the National Debate over Frozen Embryo Disputes
Tracy J. Frazier
88 Or. L. Rev. 931