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Volume 88, Number 4 (2009)


Oregon's New Choice-of-Law Codification for Tort Conflicts: An Exegesis
Symeon C. Symeonides
88 Or. L. Rev. 963

The Evolution of a New Pleading Standard: Ashcroft v. Iqbal
Douglas G. Smith
88 Or. L. Rev. 1053

Physician-Assisted Suicide and Dementia: The Impossibility of a Workable Regulatory Regime
John B. Mitchell
88 Or. L. Rev. 1085

The Graying of the American Manufacturing Economy: Gray Markets, Parallel Importation, and a Tort Law Approach
Joseph Karl Grant
88 Or. L. Rev. 1139


These Statements Have Not Been Approved by the FDA: Improving the Postapproval Regulation of Prescription Drugs
Christopher R. Page
88 Or. L. Rev. 1189