Oregon Law Review

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Volume 89, Number 1 (2010)


Quick on the Draw: Implicit Bias and the Second Amendment
Adam Benforado
89 Or. L. Rev. 1

Graduated Response and the Turn to Private Ordering in Online Copyright Enforcement
Annemarie Bridy
89 Or. L. Rev. 81

Lawyers Who Break the Law: What Congress Can Do to Prevent Mental Health Patient Advocates from Violating Federal Legislation
Amanda Peters
89 Or. L. Rev. 133

Fairness, Utility, and Market Risk
Jeff Schwartz
89 Or. L. Rev. 175

Eyewitness Errors and Wrongful Convictions: Let’s Give Science a Chance
David A. Sonenshein and Robin Nilon
89 Or. L. Rev. 263

The Power of Priming in Legal Advocacy: Using the Science of First Impressions to Persuade the Reader
Kathryn M. Stanchi
89 Or. L. Rev. 305


The Guidelines of Comprehensive Drug Testing, Inc.: A Measured Approach?
Timothy C. Ceder
89 Or. L. Rev. 351


Making Pet Trusts Instruments of Settlors and Not of Courts
Ashley Glassman
89 Or. L. Rev. 385