Oregon Law Review

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Volume 89, Number 2 (2010)


Déjà Vu: From Comic Books to Video Games: Legislative Reliance on “Soft Science” to Protect Against Uncertain Societal Harm Linked to Violence v. the First Amendment
Terri R. Day and Ryan C.W. Hall, MD
89 Or. L. Rev. 415

Inheriting Inequality: Wealth, Race, and the Laws of Succession
Palma Joy Strand
89 Or. L. Rev. 453

The Public Performance Problem in Cartoon Network LP v. CSC Holdings, Inc.
Jeffrey Malkan
89 Or. L. Rev. 505

The Ethics of Melancholy Citizenship
Robert L. Tsai
89 Or. L. Rev. 557

Truly Sovereign at Last: C.B.C. Distribution v. MLB AM and the Redefinition of the Concept of Baseball
Mitchell Nathanson
89 Or. L. Rev. 581

Exploring the Creditor’s Duty of Reasonable Care Under UCC Article 9 Amidst Recession and Revision
Anthony G. Eonas and Erin M. Secord
89 Or. L. Rev. 623

A Legal Response Is Necessary for Self-Produced Child Pornography: A Legislator’s Checklist for Drafting the Bill
Susan Hanley Duncan
89 Or. L. Rev. 645


Oregon’s Big Gamble: BETC and the Economics of Renewable Energy and Conservation
Gordon J. Kuehl
89 Or. L. Rev. 701


Oregon’s Recreational Immunity in the Wake of Coleman v. Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
John D. Kesselring
89 Or. L. Rev. 725