Oregon Law Review

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Volume 89, Number 3 (2011)


American Antitrust Institute’s 11th Annual National Conference: Are the boundaries between public and private in transition?


An Introduction to the American Antitrust Institute’s 11th Annual National Conference: Are the Boundaries Between Public and Private in Transition?
Albert A. Foer
89 Or. L. Rev. 753

Antitrust Immunities
Christine A. Varney
89 Or. L. Rev. 775

Standardization and Markets: Just Exactly Who Is the Government, and Why Should Antitrust Care?
Chris Sagers
89 Or. L. Rev. 785

The Affordable Care Act and Competition Policy: Antidote or Placebo?
Thomas L. Greaney
89 Or. L. Rev. 811

The Provider Monopoly Problem in Health Care
Clark C. Havighurst and Barak D. Richman
89 Or. L. Rev. 847

Market Allocation in the Health Insurance Industry and the McCarran-Ferguson Act
Randy Stutz
89 Or. L. Rev. 885

Competition and Regulation in the Insurance Sector: Reassessing the McCarran-Ferguson Act
Susan Beth Farmer
89 Or. L. Rev. 915

The Dodd-Frank Act: A Flawed and Inadequate Response to the Too-Big-to-Fail Problem
Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr.
89 Or. L. Rev. 951

Replacing Antitrust Exemptions for Transportation Industries: The Potential for a “Robust Business Review Clearance”
Peter C. Carstensen
89 Or. L. Rev. 1059

Mission, Structure, and Governance in Future Electric Markets: Some Observations
Peter Fox-Penner and Heidi Bishop
89 Or. L. Rev. 1107