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Volume 89, Number 4 (2011)


Weighing Status: Obesity, Class, and Health Reform
Janet L. Dolgin and Katherine R. Dieterich
89 Or. L. Rev. 1113

Social Security Reform: Should the Retirement Age Be Increased?
Benjamin A. Templin
89 Or. L. Rev. 1179

Anti-Snitching Norms and Community Loyalty
Bret D. Asbury
89 Or. L. Rev. 1257

Health Inflation, Wealth Inflation, and the Discounting of Human Life
Ben Trachtenberg
89 Or. L. Rev. 1313

See the Mojave!
John Copeland Nagle
89 Or. L. Rev. 1357

Should Oregon Adopt the New Federal Rules of Evidence?
Tom Lininger
89 Or. L. Rev. 1407


A Proportional Response: Amending the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure to Minimize
Abusive Discovery Practices
Jennifer Nicholls 89 Or. L. Rev. 1445

Punitive Damages: The Controversy Continues
Rachel D. Trickett
89 Or. L. Rev. 1475