Fall 2013 • Volume 15 • Number 3


Western Universalism and African Homosexualties , by Nicholas Kahn-Fogel

The Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar: Past, Present, and Future , by Engy Abdelkader

This Means War! (Maybe?) Clarifying Casus Belli in Cyberspace , by Lieutenant Colonel Charles C. Poch'e, U.S. Army


Targeting the “Tricks” of the Trade: A Comparative Analysis of Prostitution Laws in Sweden and the United States, by Kelsey Fleharty

Fall 2013 • Volume 15 • Number 2


Reconfiguring Guatemalan Historical Memory: The Lived Experience of Maya Women at War , by Arturo Arias

Testimony of Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Injustice of Rape: Moral Outrage, Epistemic Injustice, and the Failures of Bearing Witness , by Galya Ruffer


Bras and Ballots: Comparing Women's Political Participation in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia o, by Anna Friedhoff

The Future of Horse Slaughter: What Is Best?, by Erica Strader

Spring 2013 • Volume 15 • Number 1


A Tribute to Professor Svitlana Kravchenko, by Itzchak Kornfeld


Environmental Human Rights: Is the EU a Leader, a Follower, or a Laggard? , by Marc Pallemaerts

Pastoralists' Right to Land and Natural Resources in Tanzania, by Elifuraha Laltaika

An Unstoppable Tide: Creating Environmental and Human Rights Law from the Bottom Up, by Myanna Dellinger

Youth Courts International: Adopting an American Diversion Program Under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, by Jason Tashea


The Costs of Freedom: New Institutional Comparison of China's and the U.S.'s Responses to the Financial Collapse, by Kent F. Davis

Fall 2012 • Volume 14 • Number 2


Who's the Fascist? Uses of the Nazi Past at the Geert Wilders Trial, by Robert A. Kahn

Power, Pragmatism, and Prisoner Abuse: Amnesty and Accountability in the United States, by Louise Mallinder

International Law as "Intimate Enemy", by Prabhakar Singh

Representation for the Accused: Haiti's Thirst and a Role for Clinical Legal Education, by Kate E. Bloch


We're Here, We're Queer, Get Used to It: Freedom of Assembly and Gay Pride in Alekseyev v. Russia, by Kristen L. Thomas

Spring 2012 • Volume 14 • Number 1


Introduction - Questioning TWAIL's Agenda, by Michael Fakhri

Capitalism, Imperialism, and International Law in the Twenty-First Century, by B.S. Chimni

Macbeth's Three Witches: Capitalism, Common Good, and International Law, by Prabhakar Singh

The Political Economy of States of Emergency, by John Reynolds

The South of the North: Building on Critical Approaches to International Law with Lessons from the Fourth World, by Amar Bhatia

TWAIL and the Environment: The State of Nature, the Nature of the State, and the Arab Spring, by Usha Natarajan

Profiteers of the Bump and Grind Contests in Commodification, by Carolina S. Ruiz Austria

Kagame's Rwanda: Can an Authoritarian Development Model Be Squared with Democracy and Human Rights?, by Andrew Friedman

Spring 2011 • Volume 13 • Number 1


Transitional Justice: Toward a Differentiated Theory, by Thomas Obel Hansen

Modeling the American Lawyer Regulation System, by James E. Moliterno

A Hidden Compromise: Qualified Immunity in Suits Against Foreign Governmental Officials, by John Balzano

Show Me the Money, Part II: The Application of the Asset Forfeiture Provisions of the U.S. Arms Export Control Act and the RICO Act and Suggestions for the Future, by Jorene Soto


Resigned to Failure or Committed to a Just Cause of Justice? The Matthew Hoh Resignation, Our Current Politico-Military Strategy in Afghanistan, and Lessons Learned from the Panama Intervention of Twenty Years Ago, by Kevin H. Govern


Equality & Abortion in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Inspiration for Choice Advocates in the United States, by Laurel Grelewicz

Winter 2010 • Volume 12 • Number 2


Introduction to Symposium


An Opening for Voice in the Global Economic Order: The Global Financial Crisis and Emerging Economies, by Enrique R. Carrasco

Snaring Leopards: Tracking the Efficacy of Financial Regulatory Reform in the Aftermath of Crisis, by Justin O'Brien

The Under-Appreciated Jurisprudence of Africa's Regional Trade Judiciaries, by James Thuo Gathii

Prego Signor Postino: Using the Mail to Avoid the Hague Service Convention's Central Authorities, by Michael O. Eshleman with Judge Stephen A. Wolaver


If Japan Signs the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction: Real Change or Political Maneuvering?, by Jennifer Costa

Spring 2010 • Volume 12 • Number 1


Judicial Restraint and the Enforcement of Environmental Rights in the Philippines, by Dante Gatmaytan-Magno

Does the World Really Need New Space Law?, by Bryon C. Brittingham

Corporate Social Responsibility, International Law, and Business Economics: Convergences and Divergences, by Roda Mushkat

Security Concern or Economic Motivations? The Regulation of Informal Value Transfer Systems, by Kalyani Munshani

The Volunteer Human Shields in International Humanitarian Law, by Dr. Nada Al-Duaij


The Problem of National Treasure in International Law, by Jia Min Cheng

Spring 2009 • Volume 11 • Number 1


Reclaiming Indian Civil Rights: The Application of International Human Rights Law to Tribal Disenrollment Actions, by Greg Rubio

Law and Policy Issues on Sexual Harassment in China: Comparative Perspectives, by D. K. Srivastava and Minkang Gu

The WTO System of Trade Governance: The Stale NGO Debate and the Appropriate Role for Non-state Actors, by Seema Sapra

Advocating for Control with Compassion: The Impacts of Raids and Deportations on Children and Families, by Marcela Mendoza and Edward M. Olivos

Introduction to the Ethics of Illegality, by Jose Jorge Mendoza

The Future of Immigration Reform, by Most Reverend Jaime Soto


The Liberty Rights of Resident Aliens: You Can't Always Get What You Want, But if You Try Sometimes, You Might Find, You Get What You Need, by Robert T. Senh


In Search of Accountability: Attributing the Conduct of Private Security Contractors to the United States Under the Doctrine of State Responsibility, by Amanda Tarzwell

Why Cutting Down Trees Is Part of the Problem, but Planting Trees Isn't Always Part of the Solution: How Conceptualizing Forests as Sinks Can Work Against Kyoto, by Geoffrey J. Aguirre

Winter 2008 • Volume 10 • Number 2


Africa and the Politics of Destruction: A Critical Re-examination of Neocolonialism and Its Consequences, by Ibrahim J. Gassama

Tribunal-Hopping with the Post-Conflict Justice Junkies, by Elena Baylis

Pluralism in Ghana: The Perils and Promise of Parallel Law, by Johanna Bond

Uploading the Local: Assessing the Contemporary Relationship Between Indigenous Peoples' Land Tenure Systems and International Human Rights Law Regarding the Allocation of Traditional Lands and Resources in Latin America, by Lillian Aponte Miranda

(In)visible Cities: Three Local Government Models and immigration Regulation, by Keith Aoki, John Shuford, Kristy Young, and Thomas Hwei

Spring 2008 • Volume 10 • Number 1


The German Idea of Freedom, by Edward J. Eberle

A Brazilian Perspective on Jurisprudence: Miguel Reale's Tridimensional Theory of Law, by Augusto César Moreira Lima

Sweatshops, Labor Rights, and Comparative Advantage, by Gary Chartier

The Influence of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on Corporal Punishment--A Comparative Study, by Benjamin Shmueli


Leaning on International Law to Prosecute the Past: The Arancibia Clavel Decision of the Argentine Supreme Court, by Lisl Brunner


Defining the Outer Limits of Global Compliance Programs: Emerging Legal & Reputational Liability in Corporate Supply Chains, by Aaron Grieser

Winter 2007 • Volume 9 • Number 2


The Intersection of Scale, Science, and Law in Massachusetts v. EPA, by Hari M. Osofsky

Moral Geographies and Intimate Spaces, by Michelle A. McKinley

Bound Between & Beyond the Borderlands: Region, Race, Scale and a Subnational Legal History, by Tom I. Romero, II

Regionalization and Democratization Through International Law: Intertwined Jurisdictions, Scales and Politics in the Columbia River Treaty, by Eve Vogel

'Nobody Gives a Damn about the Gypsies': The Limits of Westphalian Models for Change, by Lua Kamál Yuille

An Analysis of Legal Issues Relating to Instruments that Local Governments Conclude, by Jaemin Lee

Imagining Sovereignty, Managing Secession: The Legal Geograpy of Eurasia's "Frozen Conflicts," by Christopher J. Borgen

Winter 2006 • Volume 9 • Number 1


A Defense of Structural Injunctive Remedies in South African Law, by Danielle Elyce Hirsch

Foreign Direct Investment in Corporations: Restrictions in the United States and Brazil on the Grounds of National Defense, by Marcelo Moscogliato

Sovereign Debt Litigation Problems in the United States: A Proposed Solution, by Horacio T. Liendo III

Gibraltar's Quest for Self-Determination: A Critique of Gibraltar's New Constitution, by Christian Leathley

Conscientious Objection to Military Service in Korea: The Rocky Path from Being an Unpatriotic Crime to a Human Right, by Kuk Cho

Summer 2006 • Volume 8 • Number 2


Short-Circuiting International Law, by Ben Chigara

Prosecuting the Use of Anti-personnel Mines By Illegal Armed Groups: The Colombian Situation, by Luz E. Nagle

German and European Employment Discrimination Policy, by Raphael Won-Pil Suh and Richard Bales

Blood for Hire: How the War in Iraq Has Reinvented the World's Second Oldest Profession, by Christopher H. Lytton


Limiting the Commons with Uncommon Property: A Critique of Chander & Sunder's "The Romance of the Public Domain", by David Skillman and Christopher Ledford

Winter 2005 • Volume 8 • Number 1


The Banality of Justice: Reflections on Sierra Leone's Special Court, by Mirko Bagaric and John R. Morss

The Exhausting Question of Local Remedies: Expropriation Under NAFTA Chapter 11, by Bryan W. Blades

Time to Update the 1988 Rome Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Maritime Navigation, by Carlo Tiribelli


Precautionary Pioneer Evades Biotech Giant? Beyond the Cartagena Protocol: The EU Offers the World a Model, by Jessica E. McDonald

Spring 2005 • Volume 7


The Missing Voice: Women and the War in Iraq, by Hillary Charlesworth

Palestinian Christians: Equal Citizens or Oppressed Minority in a Future Palestinian State?, by Justus Reid Weiner

Globalization: Panacea for the World or Conquistador of International Law and Statehood?, by Aaron Lodge


A Note in My Hand, by Ignacio Gómez-Palacio

Closing the Liability Gap in the International Transboundary Water Pollution Regime Using Domestic Law to Hold Polluters Accountable: A Case Study of Pakootas v. Teck Cominco Ltd, by Rachel Kastenberg

Spring 2004 • Volume 6

Human Rights Year in Review: Speeches at the University of Oregon 2003-2004, Introduction by Professor Ibrahim Gassama


International Human Rights: The U.S. Role Post September 11, by Michael Posner, Executive Director of Human Rights First

Revisiting the Great Terror War, by Professor Richard Falk, International Law Scholar and Human Rights Activist

Human Rights as a Response to Terrorism, by Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch

Human Rights and Ethical Globalization, by Mary Robinson

Notes and Comments

Energy Maquiladoras: Integrating the Electricity Markets of the United States and Mexico, by Ryan Tyz

The Status of Victims in the International Enforcement of Criminal Law, by Timothy K. Kuhner

Spring 2003 • Volume 5


The New Congressional Attack on Offshore Rabbi Trusts, by Beckett G. Cantley

Trauma, Recovery, and Transnational Child Abduction: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder as Psychological Harm Under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, by James Alfieri

Using American Jurisprudence to Resolve the British Separation of Powers Following the Human Rights Act 1998, by William Worster

Human Cloning: Reflections on the Application of Principles of International Environmental and Health Law and Their Implications for the Development of an International Convention on Human Cloning, by Esther Seng

Children's Rights in Israel: An End to Corporal Punishment?, by Tamar Ezer

Spring 2002 • Volume 4


Territorial Jurisdiction in Cyberspace, by Howard J. Grooters

Protection of Fundamental Rights Within the European Communities, by Martijn van Wanroij

The Effect of EC Competition Law on Intellectual Property Valuations: Implications for Corporate Strategies, by James Dilley

Notes and Comments

An American Lawyer in Yokohama: The Regulation of Business in Japan, by Glenn Newman

Spring 2001 • Volume 3


Analysis of Nonprofit Organizations in Kazakhstan, by Kimberly Bulkley

Protecting Indigenous Knowledge in Latin America: Maintaining biological diversity, creating relationships, and returning benefits to native communities for ethnobotanical drug discoveries-can it be done?, by David B. Vogt, Esq.

TRIPs Agreement, is it really successful achievement in the WTO? - The difficulty of balancing between public and private interests, by Mariko Kunimi

The Child Witness and the Law: The United States' Judicial Response to the Commercial, Sexual Exploitation of Children in Light of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, by Christianna M. Lamb

Notes and Comments

Go To http:// for International E-Commerce Source Taxation, by Michael Fang

The Skokomish Tribe and the Cushman Project: A Breach of Trust, by Kevin Kono

Spring 2000 • Volume 2


Defining the Unthinkable: Towards a Viable Understanding of Genocide, by Ward Churchill

Democratic Rights in European Law: Taking Stock at the Close of the Twentieth Century, by Christopher Harding

The Constitutionalization of Private Law in Italy, by Guido Alpa

Towards a Shared Criminal Jurisprudence in the Asia-Pacific, by Stanley Yeo

The New Millennium and the 10th Anniversary of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, by Ledum Mitee

Spring 1999 - Pangea • Volume 1


The Codification of Marriage and Polygamy in Senegal: Progression or Oppression?, by Gretchen LeVan

Corporate Resistance: An Ecuadorian Case Study, by Sara Holmes

Globalization: Where Should China Be?, by Beijing Wang

Corruption: Here, There, Everywhere, by Dawn Blaser

Negotiating for Public Participation, Freedom of Information, and Citizens Suits in Europe - Aarhus 1998, by John Bonine

Civil Law v. Common Law Systems: Are They So Different?, by Kristi Kernutt

Is It School or Is It Vacation?, by Kristi Kernutt

Institutional and Legal Arrangements for Coastal Management in the Asia Pacific Region, by Richard Hildreth

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