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2006-2007 ASUO Student Spouse/Domestic Partner/Child Certification Terms and Conditions

A University of Oregon incidental fee paying student may obtain certain benefits for his/her spouse and/or dependent children through the use of the ASUO approved Spouse/Domestic Partner/Child Certification Card. Benefits are limited to students who are currently enrolled and are considered as “part-time” or “full time” status. Students with less than part-time status are not eligible for the card. Generally part-time status is equal to 3+ Graduate/Law Credits or 6+ Undergrad Credits. Generally full time status is equal to 9+ Graduate/Law Credits or 12+ Undergrad Credits. The benefits are limited and outlined below.

For legal purposes the attached affidavit is required with appropriate identification. A student must show a current UO student identification card and be present at the time the Spouse/Domestic Partner/Child Certification Card is obtained. Current enrollment and payment of incidental fees will be verified at the ASUO Office before the card is issued. The spouse or domestic partner of the student must show a marriage license or other documentation as listed under Declaration of Domestic Partnership to certify partner for the card and benefits. Parents must show/provide documentation as listed under Declaration of Dependent Children for all children they wish to certify for the benefits. Each card is valid for one fiscal school year and will expire June 30th of that school year regardless of when it was obtained. Cardholders wishing to continue benefits must reapply each fiscal school year (beginning each July).

When requesting access to any of the benefits listed below the UO student, partner and child must already have obtained the ASUO approved Spouse/Domestic Partner/Child Certification Card and have it in his/her possession at time of purchase/service as outlined in each benefit. Additionally the UO student must also be enrolled in classes and have paid their incidental fees for the term of which the partner/child is using the benefits or as otherwise stated in the specific benefit. If you have questions about these policies, please feel free to inquire with the ASUO.


Limited Access to Student Tickets at Football and Men’s Basketball Events
The ASUO has set aside up to 1% of the allocated student tickets to be used for spouse/domestic partner. Each fee paying student, who has paid the incidental fee for the term in which he/she is obtaining the tickets, is eligible to obtain one (1) extra student ticket for only one of the individuals listed on his/her Spouse/Domestic Partner/Child Certification Card. Student obtaining this one “extra” ticket must obtain it at the same time they are obtaining their own student ticket for themselves. Just as student tickets are issued on a first come, first served basis and subject to availability, so will the special spousal/spousal equivalent ticket. Any student tickets not picked up become available for sale to the general public on the second business day before each game (e.g. Thursday before a Saturday). The student will need to have his/her valid UO student ID and the ASUO Spouse/Domestic Partner/Child Certification Card with them to obtain the ticket. Spouses, partners, and/or children will not be allowed to pick-up either ticket, it must be picked-up by the student. Upon entry to the game, individuals with student tickets must either provide a valid UO student ID or the ASUO Spouse/Domestic Partner/Child Certification Card and a current state issued picture ID to gain entrance into the student section.

Entrance into “Non-Student-Ticketed” Athletic Events
For all sporting events, which no student tickets are distributed, the student may obtain admission for spouse, partner or children (some events may have age limitations for children), by obtaining the certification card from the ASUO. Some examples of these events are Women’s Basketball, Women’s Soccer, Men’s/Women’s Golf, Tennis, Track and Field events, etc. Note that the events listed above do not include “championship/finals” of these events (i.e. it would not include Track & Field Finals or Olympic Trials). At the event, individuals will be asked to provide either valid UO student ID or the ASUO Spousal/Domestic Partner/Child Certification Card and a current state issued picture ID to gain entrance.

Student Recreation Center
The spouse, domestic partner or dependent child 18 years of age or older (16 years of age for 2006 Summer Term Only) of an incidental fee-paying student may purchase a membership to use the Student Recreation Center (SRC) at the reduced rate of $40.00 per term with a Spouse/Domestic Partner/Child Certification Card and one-time purchase of a University of Oregon Recreation Pass from the UO ID Card Office at the EMU. SRC membership must be renewed each term at the SRC. The UO student listed on the Spouse/Domestic Partner/Child Certification Card must be currently enrolled as a fee paying student or was enrolled as a fee paying student during the previous term and has paid for his/her off term membership. Annual student or spouse/partner memberships are not available. If the student's spouse/partner is a faculty/staff he/she is not eligible for this student spousal/partner benefit. The student receives the student membership and the spouse receives the designated faculty/staff benefit. A separate process exists for spouse/domestic partner of faculty and staff and is not handled through the ASUO. Please contact Tiffany Lundy (346-1043) at the SRC for more information.