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Portland Program

Portland Program

downtownpdxThe Law School’s Portland Program connects Oregon Law students to the state’s largest city through courses, externships and other co-curricular programming. Housed in bustling downtown Portland, in the UO’s historic White Stag building, Oregon Law’s Portland Program allows students to take advantage of the diverse academic, professional and extracurricular opportunities that Portland offers.

Significantly, Oregon Law is in the process of dramatically expanding its existing Portland Program. Scheduled for launch by fall 2015, the newly expanded Program will allow interested Oregon Law students to spend their entire third year of law school in Portland, building academic and professional bridges in the city that is home to the highest concentration of Oregon Law alumni anywhere

The new full-year Portland Program requires approval of the American Bar Association, a process in which Oregon Law already is engaged.

To learn more about Oregon Law’s new, expanded Portland Program, download this fact sheet or click on any of the links below.

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