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Pro Bono Program

Challenge and Pledge Drive

From 2001-2010, the Oregon Bar Association sponsored a Pro Bono Challenge for the State’s law schools. The University of Oregon School of Law won the Challenge Award from 2001-2009.

The hours our law students have performed have been truly inspirational:
2001:   3,190.25
2002:  4,860.00
2003:  11,214.00
2004: 10,600.00
2005:  10,576.75
2006:  11,277.25
2007: 10,487.00
2008:   8,517.00
2009:  6,212.00

In order to encourage pro bono legal work during law school, the Pro Bono Executive board challenges incoming 1Ls each fall to sign a “Pro Bono Pledge” to commit at least 40 hours of pro bono before graduation. Well over half of the students in recent incoming classes have accepted this challenge!

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