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At 27 years old, Annie Borton is already quite the globetrotter. The incoming first-year Oregon Law student played and coached soccer in Iceland in 2005, studied abroad in Tanzania as an undergraduate at Macalester College in 2006, and backpacked through Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Peru in 2011.

“After college I decided I wanted to take some time to be sure law school was the right next step,” noted Borton, who, in addition to traveling the world, has been working as a legal assistant at the Portland area Public Defenders’ offices for the past three years. “Despite or maybe because of those experiences, I know I’m ready to finally go to law school.” 

Borton hopes to study public interest law, but says she is open to all career paths. Her brother, Tom Borton, is a 2009 graduate of Oregon Law.

Below is a Q&A with Annie Borton on why she chose Oregon Law and what she’s looking forward to as she enters law school in August:

Q: Did you consider other degree or employment options before ultimately deciding on law school?

A: I did briefly look into public policy and social work programs but ultimately law school seemed a more versatile degree.  With a law degree I feel that I can pick an interesting field (public interest, environment, sports, education, etc.) and find a rewarding job.

Q: Why is Oregon Law the right place for you academically?

A: Every professor I have met genuinely seems interested in getting to know me and I haven’t even started school yet! Everything that I have heard about the professors and the type of learning community fostered at the University of Oregon has been extremely positive. It’s a small community with intelligent, engaged people all working towards the same thing — what could be better than that?

Q: Why is the school a good fit for you personally?

A: The community! Everyone I have met actually enjoys Oregon Law. It is almost uncanny how positive people are about the law school.  One of the things I am most excited about is that students seem to try and do other things besides study their lives away.  Balance is important to me and it seems to be important to other students, faculty and staff as well.

Q: In what area of law are you most interested?

A: Right now, public interest law.  But I also don’t really know much about other types of law, so who knows what my answer will be in 3 years!

Q: Do you know what career path you want to take once you’ve completed law school?

A: Yes. I want to be a lawyer. Beyond that, I really don’t know. I don’t think I know enough about what’s out there yet to make that decision.

Q: Are you looking forward to interacting with the legal community in Eugene?

A: Yes. I hear it’s a very tight knit group of individuals.

Q: What are some of your personal hobbies/interests?

A: I play as much soccer as I can, hopefully I can find a team in Eugene! I also love hiking or anything outdoors.

Q: The most memorable place you have visited is…

A: The Galapagos Islands.

Q: Who is an influential person in your life or a role model you most look up to?

A: My dad. He’s pretty cool.



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