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Public Law and Policy Program

Public Law and Policy Program

Interdisciplinary Projects & Fellows Program

Oregon Law’s faculty members are engaged in public interest and law and policy issues in a number of areas of law. Our fellows work alongside our faculty on important research, help plan symposia and speaking events on cutting edge legal issues, and network with prominent leaders, attorneys, and policy makers.

To further the Public Law and Policy Program's mission of engaging with pressing law and public policy issues at the local, state, and federal levels, the Program will seek to develop theme-based projects that draw upon existing faculty strengths. These projects will provide opportunities for enhancing students’ skills and knowledge, provide a service to state policymakers and judges, and reach out to diverse communities. Potential interdisciplinary projects for the future include:

  • The Future of Universal Health Care in Oregon
  • The Medical Marijuana Policy Project
  • The Future of Education Funding

Each academic year, we will add new 1L fellows, and in future years, we hope to expand to include 2L and 3L fellows as well.  The fellows will help advance these projects through research, event planning, and public outreach.

Public Policy & Government 1L Fellowships

Supports incoming students dedicated to public policy and government issues.

2013-14 1L Fellows

Victoria Ryan

Danielle Tamcsin

Madison Tilton

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