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Sports Law


Oregon Law’s Sports Law program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn, experience, discuss, and debate the application of law to the sports and entertainment industries and to pursue a career in these areas of practice. The combination of academic studies, networking, and practical training in legal writing helps students hone the skills necessary to succeed during internships and while pursuing professional opportunities.

Specialized courses include:

Amateur Sports Law (offered as Amateur Sports Law Intensive during the Summer Sports Institute)

Examines the intersection of law and business as it relates to the management and regulation of intercollegiate and interscholastic sports. Topics include NCAA compliance, drug testing and speech issues, student-athlete publicity rights, the impact and role of Title IX, racial equity issues, and the regulation of the Olympics and other amateur international competitions.

Professional Sports Law (offered as Professional Sports Law Intensive during the Summer Sports Institute)

Examines the intersection of law and business as it relates to the management and regulation of professional sports. Topics include league governance issues, antitrust, labor law, intellectual property, and the regulation of sports agents.

Sports Marketing and Licensing

This course will cover how an attorney (sometimes in the capacity of an agent) brands an up-and-coming artist or athlete and guides that individual in developing their brand throughout their career. The course will utilize a number of hypothetical young artists/athletes and will be a hands-on experience for students eager to learn how an attorney can effectively handle the many legal challenges that arise at different stages of a client's trajectory from obscurity to stardom. 


Covers the common law of obligations agreed to by private parties. Topics include reasons for and against enforcement, formation, remedies for breach, interpretation of contractual language, extent of performance obligations, and third-party rights.

Labor Law

Analysis of the National Labor Relations Act and the Oregon Labor Relations Act; the right of self-organization; selection of the representative by election and by other means; unit determination; bargaining in good faith; remedies for unfair labor practices; judicial review; strikes, boycotts, and lockouts under various labor relations acts; concerted activities; and roles of courts and labor agencies.

Antitrust Seminar

An introduction to antitrust laws that seek to foster competition through limitations of anticompetitive conduct and market power. Course emphasizes recent developments, current hot topics in antitrust (health care, technology, cartels and mergers) and the growing role of antitrust and consumer protection, both domestically and internationally. Helps students develop an understanding of antitrust law sufficient for a business lawyer to recognize key antitrust issues from common factual circumstances.

Trademark Law

Analyzes the law of trademarks and unfair competition, including common law trademark rights; state-law idea protection; the Lanham Act; trade secrets; publicity rights; employee non-competition agreements; international aspects of trademark protection; and infringement remedies. Surveys practice and procedure before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Virtually any creative product (other than inventions) that originates with the author can be protected by copyright. Comprehensive federal copyright statute is built upon extensive judicial interpretations through case law. Considers creation, ownership, and transfer of copyright interests and the rights accorded to copyright owners to make copies and derivative works and to distribute, perform, and display the work. Addresses the basic principles of trademark law.


Develops negotiation skills for crafting deals and resolving disputes. Examines analytic frameworks, interpersonal styles, strategic choices, and observation skills specific to negotiation. Includes simulated negotiations and writing assignments.

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