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Ben Harris, 3L

Where are you working this summer?
Yahoo! Inc.; Sunnyvale and San Francisco, CA offices 

What will are your responsibilities?
As a legal intern, I support the Trademark, Copyright, Domain, and Global Brand teams by helping with trademark searches/watch requests, prosecution and enforcement, brand protection matters, trademark/copyright infringement and policy issues, cybersquatting, and a variety of ancillary matters.

How did you find and secure this opportunity?
Initially, I met my current boss at the 2012 Lavender Law Legal Conference and Career Fair that Oregon Law sent me to. When he learned about my background in trademarks and IP as a paralegal, he invited me to apply for the position. In March 2013, I was contacted by Yahoo! to interview for the position, and after a total of 4 rounds of interviews, I received an offer letter!

What excites you most about this employment?
The incredible amount of experience I'm getting is amazing. This is the most engaging and challenging job I've ever had – in the best way possible. The opportunity to experience life in-house at a large company, along with all the contacts and experience I'm cultivating is invaluable.

What knowledge, skills, or experiences are you hoping to gain?
I'm hoping to refine my skills in all aspects of soft IP (i.e. trademarks, copyright, Internet domain issues). I'm also hoping to discover potential avenues for future employment with Yahoo! and its outside counsel.

How have your studies at Oregon Law thus far prepared you for this summer employment?
Oregon's excellent Legal Research and Writing program was instrumental in preparing me for my internship. In addition, Professor Eric Priest's unit on intellectual property in his 1L Property course was a very helpful introduction.

Do you have any advice for future students curious about securing summer employment?
Never discount the importance of cultivating meaningful personal relationships with people; you never know who you may be in a position to help – and vice versa. Getting good grades is awesome, but grades are just one small aspect of who you are and what makes you a valuable employee.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us about your summer employment?
Working at Yahoo! is the best job I've ever had. Not only is it exciting, fun, challenging, and rewarding, but the people I work with are great, and we are treated the way we are expected to perform – like valuable members of a team. Most importantly, though, it's made me reevaluate my philosophy on career development: it's helped me to realize that money, titles, and status are irrelevant without workplace satisfaction, community, and work-life balance.

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