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Kyler Danielson, 3L

Where are you interning this summer?
I am interning with the Civil Division of the Bellevue City Attorney’s Office this summer. 

What are your responsibilities?
My internship primarily requires research and writing for the Assistant City Attorneys and the City Attorney on various civil issues.

How did you find and secure this opportunity?
I had hoped to work for a city attorney’s office this summer and I was very interested in Bellevue. I called the City Attorney's Office to ask whether it had an intern program and how I could apply. I was directed to mail or to personally deliver my application materials to their office. I subsequently received a phone call from an Assistant City Attorney (now my supervisor) for a phone interview and was offered the position not long after the interview.

What excites you most about this summer internship?
Bellevue is the fifth largest city in Washington. Due to the city's size, the Bellevue City Attorney's Office is large enough to support a staff of experienced attorneys with their own projects, but it is small enough that there is a strong sense of community. This internship is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the city's future and to watch it evolve. It is exciting to work with such a supportive group and to experience the sense of community with the staff and in city hall. This environment is a great place to learn about what legal issues arise in city governments.

How have your studies at Oregon Law thus far prepared you for this summer employment?
I'm surprised how often I need to refresh my memory on topics from my 1L classes. Last week, I wrote a memo on tort law issues. In addition, because I was fortunate enough to take Property with Professor [Eric] Priest (who specializes in intellectual property law), I felt prepared to answer questions about copyright law during my first week on the job. It is because of the wide range of courses I've taken that I feel confident in my ability to contribute to this office.

Do you have any advice for future students curious about securing summer employment?
Step out of the box. Figure out what you are interested in, find offices that practice that type of law, and contact them individually. Offices that do not solicit interns often are impressed when they receive an email or phone call from a student interested in working for them.

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