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Student Life

Nate Bellinger, 3L

Where are you working this summer?
Earthjustice in Denver, Colorado 

What are your responsibilities?
I conduct legal research and write memos on various issues to assist with ongoing litigation. I also assist attorneys with drafting various court motions. My work primarily addresses federal laws, though sometimes issues involving state law arise.

What excites you most about this summer employment?
Working at Earthjustice is great because I have an opportunity to work on important cases that have the potential to have a positive impact on significant issues such as climate change. I also enjoy working with like-minded people who take work seriously but also know that it's important to have time to enjoy the beautiful places that we are working to protect.

What knowledge, skills, or experiences are you hoping to gain?
I am always working on improving my legal research and writing skills. Beyond that, I am working on gaining more experience in legal strategy, such as when to file a case, what claims should be brought, and should a loss be appealed.

How have your studies at Oregon Law thus far prepared you for this summer employment?
I have worked on numerous issues at Earthjustice so far that I studied about in various classes. For example, Environmental Law, Natural Resource Law, and Administrative Law were classes that were particularly relevant. Beyond any substantive area of law, the skills I learned in Legal Research and Writing have helped me to research and become proficient in areas for which I have not yet taken classes.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us about your summer employment?
The Rocky Mountains are awesome! I've been spending every weekend getting out of Denver and into the mountains for day hikes and overnight trips. I've camped in some awesome places. It's nice to have my weekends free to explore Colorado. I also had an opportunity to go on a field trip, through work, to visit active coalmines and a road-less area that is slated for development. It was an eye-opening experience to see the contrast between an area with active coal mining and a pristine road-less area that is vulnerable to development.

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