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Arthur “Bill” Spiry will earn his degree from the University of Oregon School of Law on May 19, 2012. Spiry is 51 years old, born and raised in Mobridge, South Dakota, but has since moved to Springfield, Oregon, where he has resided for the past 12 years with his family.

This law degree means a great deal to Spiry; his degree from Oregon Law has let him rediscover his passion in life.

“You can teach an old dog new tricks. I’d lost my passion for a while and after being here I realized that was why I needed a change in my life. The law has always been a good place for me…and now it’s coming into bloom.”

He thanks his father, a lawyer himself, for giving him the idea of law school at the right time, when he was “running out of juice.” Spiry was inspired by the opportunity to connect with the local legal community from a different angle than in his past career as a human resources professional.

He chose the University of Oregon School of Law because of its openness to differences, and to creative ways of accomplishing goals.

“It really fits my temperament and philosophy.”

Spiry notes that his favorite memory during his time in law school would be the transformation from the professional world to re-entering the academic world. He fully immersed himself in his education and saw how valuable that could be. “It was also kind of cool being in school at the same time as my daughters,” he says.

Earning a degree from the University of Oregon School of Law is a great achievement. The law school is part of one of the nation’s leading research universities and, based on reputation, is the top ranked school in the state of Oregon, and the second in the Pacific Northwest. The law school also has four nationally top- ranked specialty programs in which students learn and prosper from the highly qualified faculty that work within them. Oregon Law lets students thrive in its close-knit community and encourages students to make the school their second home.

“This tested my mettle. I’d figured out ways of doing things in my ‘past life,’ but that experience only scratched the surface of what I needed to discover in myself to succeed in law school.”

Looking to the future, Spiry wants to practice law in Oregon. He knows the community and wants to be a part of it. “Upon graduation from Oregon Law,” he said, “I want to find ways to give back to the community.”

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