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Zachary Klonoski, 27, will earn his degree from the University of Oregon School of Law on May 19, 2012. He is originally from Eugene, Oregon, and will graduate with an area of focus in Environmental Law.

While pursuing his degree at Oregon Law, Klonoski was most inspired by his classmates and professors. He is motivated by what they have accomplished in their lives and looks forward to seeing what they will do in the future.

“It’s inspiring to be around such amazing people on a day to day basis.”

While enthused by his fellow classmates, Klonoski says this was also the most challenging experience of law school. It was hard to compete with such bright and talented individuals.

“You really have to be motivated if you want to go to law school. Having to measure myself against my classmates was really challenging at first, but being able to do so has given me the confidence to move forward with my career.”

Klonoski’s favorite law school memory is receiving his grades after an exhausting first term.

“First semester was very challenging and very nerve racking. Finals were a nightmare and it seemed as though they didn’t go well. But then my first term’s grades came out and they were really good. I was definitely excited about it.”

Earning a degree from the University of Oregon School of Law is a great achievement. The law school is part of one of the nation’s leading research universities and, based on reputation, is the top ranked school in the state of Oregon, and the second in the Pacific Northwest. The law school also has four nationally top- ranked specialty programs in which students learn and prosper from the highly qualified faculty that work within them. Oregon Law lets students thrive in its close-knit community and encourages students to make the school their second home.

Klonoski’s education at Oregon Law has helped him reach his career goal by presenting many new opportunities for him.

“I have gotten to work for the future Supreme Court justice here in Oregon. I also worked for the District Attorney in Lane County, and at the juvenile center in Lane County as well. So many doors have opened up.”

Klonoski would like to thank his mother, brothers, and whole family for their support through his journey at Oregon Law. He says they were there to help calm him when he thought the world was ending during finals.

After graduation, Klonoski will work for Judge Chuck Carlson in the Lane County Circuit Court while he studies for the Bar exam. He then plans to work in environmental advocacy and pursue a career in politics in Oregon. Klonoski hopes to work for people who believe in a positive change for the state.

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