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3010 Alternative Dispute Resolution

315 ADR/Labor

316 ADR/Mediations

3690: Alternative Dispute Resolution

40-hour Mediation Training

605. Alternative Dispute Resolution

6676 Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

6682 International Dispute Resolution

678 Alternate Methods of Dispute Resolution

6833—Alternative Dispute Resolution


ADR & Writing

ADR - Processes and Practices 9503

ADR and Employment Law

ADR and Family Law

ADR and Human Rights

ADR Board

ADR Clause Drafting

ADR Competition Honor Society

ADR Competition Team

ADR Ethics

ADR Externship

ADR Field Clinic

ADR in Criminal Cases

ADR in Government

ADR in the Workplace

ADR Law and Policy

ADR Mediation Clinic

ADR Practice

ADR Seminar

ADR Strategies in Litigation

ADR Survey Course

ADR Survey: Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration

ADR Writing Seminar

ADR-Related Independent Studies

Advanced (International) Negotiation

Advanced (Transactions)

Advanced ADR

Advanced ADR Seminar

Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic

Advanced Appellate Advocacy

Advanced Arbitration

Advanced Criminal Procedure

Advanced Dispute Resolution

Advanced Dispute Resolution Writing Seminar

Advanced Dispute Resolution: Complex Multiparty Processes

Advanced Dispute Resolution: Multi-Party DR

Advanced International Commercial Arbitration

Advanced Intervention

Advanced Legal Negotiation

Advanced Mediation

Advanced Mediation Advocacy Practicum (live client)

Advanced Mediation and Advocacy

Advanced Mediation Certification and Courthouse Practicum (live client)

Advanced Mediation Clinic

Advanced Mediation Clinic: Dispute System Design

Advanced Mediation Practicum

Advanced Mediation Seminar

Advanced Negotiation

Advanced Negotiation Workshop

Advanced Negotiation Workshop: Multiparty Negotiation, Group Decision-Making, and Special Dispute Management Processes

Advanced Negotiation: The Art of the Deal

Advanced Persuasion

Advanced Practice Skills- Mediation Training

Advanced Practice Skills-Domestic Mediation

Advanced Practice Skills-Multiple Party Dispute Resolution

Advanced Topics in Dispute Resolution (Seminar)

Advanced Topics in Negotiation Seminar

Advanced Trial Practice

Adversarial Negotiation


Advocacy I

Advocacy II

Advocacy in Mediation

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Alternate Dispute Resolution Externship,

Alternate Dispute Resolution: Law, Practice, and Policy

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution & Advocacy

Alternative Dispute Resolution 300

Alternative Dispute Resolution 536

Alternative Dispute Resolution 633

Alternative Dispute Resolution 685

Alternative Dispute Resolution 702.01

Alternative Dispute Resolution 705

Alternative Dispute Resolution 722

Alternative Dispute Resolution 772

Alternative Dispute Resolution Externship

Alternative Dispute Resolution Externship Workshop

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Employment

Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Work Place

Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures In Employment

Alternative Dispute Resolution Seminar

Alternative Dispute Resolution Team Seminar

Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution

Antitrust Litigation

Apology, Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Appellate Advocacy

Appropriate Dispute Resolution

ARB 729 - Arbitration, General Practice (3 units)

ARB 733 - Labour Law Arbitration (3 units)

ARB 734 - International Arbitration (3 units)


Arbitration & Labor Problems

Arbitration Advocacy

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution System Design

Arbitration Component in Practice Court

Arbitration Fairness Issues

Arbitration in the United States

Arbitration Law

Arbitration Law: Theory and Practice

Arbitration of Domestic and International Disputes

Arbitration Practice

Arbitration Practice and Advocacy

Arbitration Practice and Procedure

Arbitration Practice Seminar

Arbitration Practicum

Arbitration Theory and Practice

Arbitration Workshop

Arbitration: Law and Practice

Basic Mediation for Law Students

Basic Mediation Training

Business Negotiation

Business Negotiation Theory and Practice

Bussian Fellowship for International Dispute Resolution

Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution

Catholic Perspectives on Conflict Resolution

Certified Civil Mediation

Challenging Conversations

Child and Family Law Mediation

Civil & Human Rights Clinic

Civil and Family Law Mediation

Civil Clinic

Civil Justice Mediation Clinic

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Civil Litigation Clinic

Civil Mediation

Civil Pre-Trial Practice

Civil Procedure

Class Action and Complex Litigation

Client Counseling

Client Counseling and Advanced Negotiation Strategy

Client Counseling Workshop

Client Interview and Counseling

Client Interviewing and Counseling

Clinical Program: Mediation

Clinics (customized to provide substantial involvement in negotiation, mediation or arbitration)

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law and Practice

Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining Seminar

Colloqium on Culture & Law

Colloquium on Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Commercial and Labor Arbitration

Commercial Arbitration

Commericial Arbitration

Community Advocacy

Community Law Practicum: Family Mediation

Comparative Dispute Resolution

Complex Litigation

Comprehensive Civil Mediation

Comprehensive Family Mediation

Conflict & Gender

Conflict and Conflict Management

Conflict Consulting and Coaching

Conflict in Workgroups

Conflict Management

Conflict Management in Legal Practice

Conflict Management Systems Design

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution and the Law

Conflict Resolution Clinic

Conflict Resolution from Religious Traditions

Conflict Resolution Systems for Organizations

Conflict Resolution Theory

Conflict Resolution Theory Seminar

Conflict Theory

Construction Law and Practice

Consumer Arbitration Practicum

Contract Drafting and Negotiating

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Analysis

Contract Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Corporate Law and Policy: International Investment Transactions

Corporate Negotiation


Counseling and Negotiation

Court-Annexed ADR

Courts as Agents of Social Change

Criminal Justice Clinic

Criminal Pretrial Litigation

Cross Cultural Conflict

Cross Cultural Dispute Resolution

Cross Cultural Negotiation and Mediation

Cross-Cultural Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Cross-Cultural Dispute Resolution

Cross-cultural Negotiation and Mediation

Culture & Conflict

Culture & Disputing

Culture and Negotiation

Current Issues in International Dispute Resolution: Hong Kong/Beijing

Current Issues in International Dispute Resolution: London/Geneva/Paris

Cyber Skills and Dispute Resolution


Decision-Making Under Conflict

Disability Discrimination

Dispute Negotiation

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution 300

Dispute Resolution Advocacy

Dispute Resolution and Client Representation

Dispute Resolution and Religion

Dispute Resolution and Sports

Dispute Resolution Clinic

Dispute Resolution in Employment

Dispute Resolution in the Health Care Field

Dispute Resolution Law Journal

Dispute Resolution Processes

Dispute Resolution Processes Seminar

Dispute Resolution Processes: Theory & Practice

Dispute Resolution Survey Course

Dispute Resolution Team

Dispute Resolution: Theory Practice and Policy

Dispute Resolutions System Design

Dispute Settlement

Dispute System Design

Dispute System Design (LLM)

Dispute System Design [Advanced Mediation Clinic]

Dispute Systems Design

Diversity and Innovation

Divorce & Family Mediation

Divorce and Family Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Clinic

Divorce Mediation Seminar

Divorce Mediation Workshop

Domestic and International Processes in Consensus Building and Negotiation

Domestic Arbitration

Domestic Relations Mediation

Drafting ADR Documents

Drafting and Dispute Resolution

Drafting and Negotiation International Oil & Gas Agreements

Drafting Negotiated Agreements

Education Law Practicum

Effective Representation in Mediation

Elder Law in Practice

Emotional Intelligence in Law

Emotions, Mindfulness and the Law

Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination Law

Employment Discrimination Mediation Representation Clinic

Employment Dispute Mediation

Employment Dispute Resolution

Employment Disputes

Entertainment Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Entertainment Industry Disputes

Entertainment Law: Deals & Negotiations

Environmental ADR

Environmental and Public Policy Dispute Resolution

Environmental Dispute Resolution

Environmental Litigation

Environmental Mediation and Negotiation Seminar

Environmental Negotiation in International Affairs

Ethical and Practical Challenges in Conflict Management

Ethical Considerations in International Arbitration

Externship - ADR

Externship - Semester in Practice

Externship Community Dispute Resolution Center

Externship in Dispute Resolution


Facilitating Dynamic Groups


Facilitation For Attorneys

Fact Investigation

Fair Employment and Housing Mediation Clinic

Faith and Family Mediation Clinic

Faith-Based Diplomacy and International Peacemaking

Family & Children Mediation Clinic

Family Law & ADR

Family Law Dispute Resolution

Family Law Mediation

Family Law Mediation Clinic

Family Mediation

Family Mediation Clinic

Family Mediation Seminar

Federal Court Representation in Mediation Practicum

Federal Judicial Settlement

Federal Regulatory and Legislative Practice Seminar

FINRA Investor Advocacy Project

Florida Alternative Dispute Resolution

Foreclosure Mediation Clinic 805

Global Justice Summit

Global Revision

Great Negotiators, Effective Diplomacy and Intractable Conflicts

Health Law Clinic

Healthcare Dispute Resolution

Immigration Clinic

Insurance Practice & ADR

Intellectual Property Disputes

Intensive Negotiation

Intensive Negotiation Workshop

Inter-Ethnic Conflict Resolution Seminar

Inter-Group Dialogue and Facilitation

International ADR

International and Interethnic Conflict Resolution

International Arbitration

International Arbitration Advocacy

International Arbitration in Latin America

International Arbitration Public and Private

International Business Arbitration

International Business Law and Negotiation

International Business Negotiation

International Business Negotiations

International Commercial Arbitration

International Commercial Arbitration and the CISG

International Commercial Arbitration and the National Courts

International Commercial Arbitration Practicum

International Commercial Arbitration Procedure and Practice

International Commercial Arbitration Seminar

International Commercial Arbitration Theory and Doctrine

International Commercial Arbitration: Theory and Practice

International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

International Conflict Resolution

International Conflict Resolution Colloquium

International Dispute Resolution

International Environmental Law

International Human Rights Law

International Identity-Based Conflict and Dispute Resolution

International Investment Arbitration

International Investment Arbitration and the Environment

International Investment Disputes

International Investment Law & Arbitration

International Litigation

International Litigation & Arbitration

International Litigation and Arbitration

International Negotiation

International Negotiation & Mediation

International Negotiation and Dispute Settlement

International Sales & Arbitration

International Sales & Arbitration (Vis)

International Trade and Dispute Settlement

International Trade and Investment Dispute Settlement

International Trade Negotiation

International Uniform Enforcement of Human Rights

Interschool Negotiation Competitions


Interviewing & Client Counseling

Interviewing & Counseling

Interviewing and Counseling

Interviewing, Counseing, and Negotiation

Interviewing, Counseling and Planning

Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiating

Interviewing, Counselling and Negotiation

Intro to US Law

Introduction to ADR

Introduction to ADR in NYC and Beyond for LLM Students

Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution

Introduction to Arbitration Law and Practice: Domestic and International Aspects

Introduction to Mediation

Int\'l Dispute Resolution

Investor Advocacy Clinic

Investor Rights Clinic

Issues in Arbitration Seminar

Journal of Dispute Resolution

Judgment and Decision-Making, Mediation

Judicial Externship

Judicial Settlement Conference

Jurisprudence and ADR Seminar

Jury Systems

Juvenile Mediation Project

Labor and Employment Arbitration

Labor Arbitration

Labor Arbitration Seminar

Labor Arbitration, Negotiations and Mediation

Labor Disputes

Labor Law

Labor Law Seminar

Labor Law, Collective Bargaining and Arbitration

Labor Negotiation

Labor Negotiations Workshop

Law & Society in China: An Introduction


Law 348: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Law Arbitration

Law of Juvenile Delinquency

Law of Settlement

Lawyer as Facilitator Workshop

Lawyer as Negotiator

Lawyer as Problem Solver


Lawyering and Psychology (1L elective and regular course)

Lawyering Pedagogy

Lawyering Process

Lawyering Skills

Lawyering: Dispute Resolution and Problem-Solving

Lawyers as Leaders

Legal Negotiation

Legal Negotiations and Settlements

Legal Practice

Legal Research and Writing I

Legal Writing & Negotiations


Litigation and ADR Research

LLM Arbitration Seminar (LLM)

LLM Independent Study Project

LLM Major Research Project (LLM)

LLM Program in Dispute Resolution

Lodestar Mediation Clinic

MDN 719 - Mediation, General Practice (3 units)

MDN 721 - Advanced Mediation I (3 units)

MDN 722 - Advanced Mediation II (3 units)

MDN 723 - Organization Mediation (3 units)

MDN 724 - Cross-cultural Mediation (3 units)


Mediation Advocacy

Mediation Advocacy (Representing Clients in Mediation)

Mediation Advocacy Clinic

Mediation Advocacy component to clinical programs

Mediation and Collaborative Law

Mediation and Conflict Management

Mediation and Dispute Resolution Theory and Practice

Mediation and Settlement

Mediation and Settlement Advocacy

Mediation Certification and Courthouse Practicum (live client)

Mediation Clinic

Mediation Clinic & Seminar

Mediation Clinic 1

Mediation Clinic 2

Mediation Clinical Program

Mediation Essentials

Mediation Ethics Seminar

Mediation Externship

Mediation for Lawyers

Mediation for Litigators

Mediation in Family Law

Mediation Internship

Mediation Practice

Mediation Practice and Policy

Mediation Practicum

Mediation Process and Advocacy

Mediation Representation

Mediation Seminar

Mediation Skills

Mediation Skills Training

Mediation Skills: Divorce

Mediation Theory & Practice

Mediation Theory and Practice

Mediation Theory and Practice 723

Mediation Training

Mediation Workshop

Mediation/Advanced Negotiation

Mediation/Negotiation Skills Seminar

Mediation: Theory & Practice

Mediation: Theory and Practice

Mediation[Advocacy] and Lawyers

Mediator Practice

Mergers and Acquisitions

Middle East Conflict Seminar

Mock Arbitration and Arbitration Competitions

Moot Court: ABA Negotiation School Competition

Moot Court: Merhige National Environmental Negotiation Competition

Multi-Party Dispute Resolution

Multiparty Mediation Clinic


Native Peacemaking

NEG 712 - Negotiation, General Practice (3 units)

NEG 713 - Advanced Negotiation (3 units)

NEG 714 - International Negotiation (3 units)


Negotiating Business Transactions

Negotiating, Counseling and Interviewing


Negotiation & Mediation

Negotiation & Mediation: Process & Practice

Negotiation & Settlement

Negotiation 799

Negotiation and ADR

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Clinic

Negotiation and Creative Problem-Solving

Negotiation and International Organizations

Negotiation and Mediation

Negotiation and Mediation Advocacy

Negotiation and Mediation Clinic

Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Seminar

Negotiation and Settlement

Negotiation Basics

Negotiation for Lawyers

Negotiation in a Close Corporation

Negotiation in Sports

Negotiation in Sports Law

Negotiation Seminar

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills and I.P. Issues in Sports Law Seminar

Negotiation Skills: Civil Litigation Seminar

Negotiation Skills: Creating Value in Deals Seminar

Negotiation Theory & Practice Practicum

Negotiation Theory and Application

Negotiation Theory and Practice

Negotiation Theory and Skills

Negotiation Workshop


Negotiation/Mediation Practicum

Negotiation: Dealing with Emotions


Negotiations and Settlement Seminar

Negotiations in Sports Management

Negotiations Seminar

Negotiations, Client Counseling

New York Practice I

New York Practice II

Non-Binding Methods of Dispute Resolution (LLM)

NY / NJ Family Law Mediation Seminar


Online Dispute Resolution

Organizational Conflict

Organizational Ombuds

Pacific Settlement of Disputes Between States

Patent Litigation

Peacemaking & Spirituality

Perspectives on Conflict Resolution (1L elective)

Perspectives on Dispute Resolution Practice in Texas

Power, Status, and Negotiation

Practical Mediation Skills Clinic


PRD 705 - Applied Ethics and Modes of ADR (3 units)

PRD 712 - Reading Seminar (3 units)

PRD 733 - Communication Practice (3 units)

PRD 735 - Academic Practice (3 units)

PRD 736 - Comparative Practices (3 units)

PRD 737 - Professional Practice in ADR (3 units)

PRD 738 - Reflective Practice (3 units)

PRD 739 - Mediation Pratique (3 units)

PRD 752 - Governance and Modes of ADR (3 units)

PRD 753 - International Governance and Modes of ADR (3 units) (mandatory)

PRD 754 - Psychology and modes of ADR (3 units) (mandatory)

PRD 762 - Law and Modes of ADR (3 units) (mandatory)

PRD 763 - Dispute Prevention (3 units) (mandatory)

PRD 764 - Mindfulness and Interpersonal ADR Skills (3 units)

Pretrial Advocacy

Pretrial Litigation

Pretrial Practice

Pretrial Practice and Settlement

Pretrial Practice: Civil

Pretrial Practice: Criminal

Pretrial Practice: Medical Malpractice

Prisoner Rights & Litigation

Private Justice: Arbitration & Other Forms of A.D.R.

Problem Solving Justice

Problem Solving Skills & Theory

Problem-Solving Approaches to Conflict Resolution

Products Liability and ADR

Products Liability Litigation

Psychology of Conflict

Psychology of Conflict Communication

Public Employment Labor Law

Public Healthcare Practicum

Public Interest Lawyering

Public Policy Dispute Resolution

Public Policy Mediation

Regulatory Design and Innovation


Representation in Arbitration

Representation in Mediation

Representing Clients in Mediation

Resolving Community Civil Rights Disputes

Resolving Conflict Systems Design for Corporations and Organizations

Resolving Disputes Across Cultures

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Practicum

Restorative Justice Project

Restorative Justice Workshop

Restorative Justice: Practice & Principles

Role of the Lawyer in Mediation

Securities Arbitration Clinic

Securitites Arbitration Clinic

Security Law Litigation and Arbitration

Selected Issues in Dispute Resolution

Seminar: Arbitration

Seminar: Dispute Resolution

Seminars on Selected Topics in ADR

Settling Legal Disputes: Negotiation & Mediation Advocacy

Settling Mass Torts

Special Education Advocacy

Special Education Dispute Resolution

Special Problems in Conflict Resolution and Management

Sports Arbitration

Sports Disputes

STEPPS (Skills Training for Ethical and Preventive Practice and Career Satisfaction)

Strategic Alliances

Summer Institute Courses -- offerings vary

Survey of Dispute Resolution Processes

The Business Negotiator

The Israel Palestinian Conflict

The U.S. Law of Arbitration

Theories of Conflict

Theory and Practice of Mediation

Theory of Conflict

Theory of Conflicts

Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Conflict Resolution

Topics in Dispute Resolution

Transactions and Settlement

Transnational Investment Law and Arbitration

Transnational Litigation

Transnational Litigation and Arbitration

Trial Advocacy

Trial Practice

Trial Preparation and Settlement

U.S. Legal Methodology

Use of Force

VIS International Arbitration Moot Court Team

Workplace Dispute Resolution

Writing for Litigation

Writing in Law Practice: Drafting Negotiated Agreements

Youth, Education and Justice Legal Theory and Practice

ABA Section of Dispute Resolution

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