Oregon Law & LawMeets® Summer 2020 M&A Boot Camp

Thanks to the generous support provided by the Nancy and Dave Petrone Business and Law Success Initiative Fund, the Career Center is pleased to announce that Oregon Law will be able to sponsor up to twenty students (10 teams) to participate in the LawMeets® 2020 M&A Boot Camp this summer.  Sponsorship includes covering the cost of participating in the Boot Camp plus a $2,000 stipend per student.  

What is the LawMeets® 2020 M&A Boot Camp? 

The Boot Camp is a 10-week online program to teach deal skills to law students.  Students work in teams to draft, mark-up, and negotiate an acquisition agreement.  In the simulated leveraged buyout transaction, students interact with clients, senior lawyers, and opposing teams via video conference, email, and telephone. The Boot Camp will expose participants to M&A concepts, forms of agreement, and most importantly, senior practitioners, and their “know how”. 

The LawMeets® M&A Boot Camp is being presented in association with the M&A Committee of the ABA Business Law Section.  Hotshot is providing free access to its library of instructional videos to all teams.  

What is the schedule? 

The Boot Camp will be held this summer and has two phases – Exercises and Finals.  

During the Exercises, all teams will participate in four modules, each lasting two weeks, focused on different parts of an acquisition agreement.  In each module, teams will be asked to draft and mark-up provisions in an acquisition agreement.  They will have meetings with their client.  The culmination of each module will be a simulated negotiation between two teams and observed by an expert M&A practitioner.  Each team will receive feedback from the expert on its drafting and negotiation skills. 

Each module will kick off with an “all hands” webinar in which participants will learn the basics needed to approach each exercise.  Background resources, Hotshot’s library of instructional videos, and other materials on topics relevant to the exercise will also be provided to all teams. 

The top performing teams in the Exercises will be invited to participate in the Finals.  These teams will participate in a series of elimination rounds over the course of two weeks.  These rounds will be performed before a panel of senior M&A practitioners.  All teams will be invited to watch these rounds and participate in the post-round discussions with the experts. 

The first of the four Exercises will open on May 30, 2020.  
The Finals will be held from July 25 – August 7, 2020. 

What is the time commitment? 

Teams can set their own schedule.  Participation in most activities can be asynchronous (the webinars will be recorded).  The only exception is the mock negotiations sessions.  They will take place sometime on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (before 5pm EST) at a time convenient for the teams and the judge - most likely during normal business hours.  These negotiation sessions last about 1.5 hours.  Overall, we estimate that participants will need to commit approximately 12 hours a week to the program. 

Do we need a coach? 

Yes, each team is required to have a coach.  Coaches are asked to consult periodically with teams to provide initial direction and ongoing guidance in tackling the exercises.  Teams are expected to work primarily on their own but benefit greatly from access to an experienced practitioner as they work their way through each exercise. 

The Career Center team is working on recruiting experienced practitioners to coach University of Oregon Law teams and will pair successful applicants with a coach and a teammate (you can indicate a preference if applying with a teammate). 

Are there prizes?

All participants who complete the four Exercises in a satisfactory manner will receive a certificate of completion.  Prizes will be awarded to teams who participate in the Finals. 

How do I apply?

The Career Center will prioritize applicants whose summer plans have been impacted by COVID-19.  

To apply, please complete the M&A Boot Camp Application Form, and email your resume and a statement of interest to our Career Center Manager Melissa Panter at lawcareer@uoregon.edu.  

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, May 13, 2020 by 5:00 pm.   


Please email Lorelei Craig at lcraig@uoregon.edu