Resident Associate Program (RAP) for Graduates

We are excited to announce the launch of our Resident Associate Program (RAP) for graduates of the class of 2020.

What is the Resident Associate Program? 

Styled as a one-year apprenticeship program, the RAP offers valuable employment opportunities for new law school graduates with small and mid-sized firms in Oregon that do not typically hire entry-level attorneys.  These employers, who often do not have the resources and bandwidth to facilitate entry-level attorney recruiting, are incentivized to hire a new associate for a limited term.  

While we anticipate many employers will hire with an eye toward longer-term employment, should the relationship not continue beyond the one-year commitment, the Resident Associate will have gained valuable skills that can be marketed as part of a lateral job search.

Key Features of the RAP for new graduates:

  • Creation of new entry-level jobs.
  • Valuable skill-building experience and exposure to a variety of practice areas.
  • Career Center assistance with application materials and interview preparation.
  • Career Center facilitation of the recruitment process.
  • Practical skills training through CLE programming.
  • Entry-level salary with benefits.

In addition to the small and mid-sized firm employers, we anticipate this new program will offer an attractive alternative to employers who are otherwise hesitant to bring on new talent during a global pandemic.

Interested in the RAP?

Please send us a message by clicking the button below.  Indicating interest in the program does not require a commitment to participate.  The one-year program commitment commences upon acceptance of an offer of employment through the RAP program. 

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