Resident Associate Program (RAP)

What is the Resident Associate Program?

Oregon Law’s Resident Associate Program (RAP) offers a cost-effective way for legal employers to meet their current staffing needs while providing valuable employment opportunities for new law school graduates. This program is well-suited for employers that don’t typically hire entry-level lawyers and those that may be hesitant to make longer-term employment offers during a time of economic uncertainty.

Styled as a one-year apprenticeship program, the RAP allows employers to take advantage of cost savings by hiring a well-qualified, practice-ready associate from Oregon’s top-ranked law school at a reduced rate. 

Employers enjoy the benefit of the Resident Associate’s work along with the knowledge that they are contributing to the development of our profession’s next generation of lawyers and leaders.  Although not a requirement of the program, employers may elect to make a longer-term employment offer after working closely with the Resident Associate for a year.

Our team facilitates every step of the recruitment process to make it easy and streamlined for employers.  And we offer ongoing professional development support for all Resident Associates.

Key Features of the RAP:

  • Defined Commitment: Try out an associate for one year before making a longer-term commitment.
  • Cost Savings:  Determine a reasonable salary for the Resident Associate that reflects the special nature of the position. Rely on our team for expert guidance.  
  • Practice-Ready Candidates: Select from well-trained candidates who have obtained at least six units of practical experience in law school.
  • Streamlined Recruitment: Submit your hiring criteria and we will collect application materials for you.
  • Meaningful Training: Let Oregon Law help train your Resident Associate through access to CLE programs.

How to Join:

Registration for our 2020-2021 program is now open!

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Employers who are interested in learning more about the RAP are encouraged to contact Rebecca Ivanoff, Assistant Dean for Career Planning & Professional Development at