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Consumer Law

Fall 2018 • Law 610 • Credits: 3

Instructor: Elizabeth Tippett

This course will examine how federal and state consumer protection laws apply to common consumer transactions. Subjects include the Federal Trade Commission Act, the regulation of advertising, “Little FTC” (“UDAP”) statutes such as the Oregon Unfair Trade Practices Act, predatory lending and the Dodd-Frank Act, usury and regulation of the cost of credit, the Truth in Lending Act and consumer credit disclosure, credit reporting and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumer privacy, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and credit discrimination, regulation of credit, debit and gift cards and online banking, consumer protection in checking and other deposit accounts, product warranties and the Magnuson-Moss Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and consumer remedies including attorneys’ fees, consumer class actions, arbitration, exemptions, the Federal Wage Garnishment Act, “undue hardship” discharge of student loan debt in bankruptcy, and bankruptcy “cramdown” of car loans and mortgages. Attention also will be given to how some of the same problems are dealt with under European Union directives and other countries’ laws.