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Spring 2019 • Law 610 • Credits: 2

Instructor: Staff

This intensive course, taught over two weekends, will introduce students to the theoretical and practical aspects of arbitration. Arbitration is an increasingly popular form of private adjudication that is used to resolve disputes of all varieties, including commercial, employment, labor, intellectual property, and financial. Through readings and simulations, students will study the arbitration process, from arbitrator selection, to effective advocacy, to enforcement of an award. Particular attention is paid to the Federal Arbitration Act and the Supreme Court's arbitration-related jurisprudence. Topics include the relationship between state and federal legislation; the role of courts in arbitration; the enforcement of arbitration agreements; and the scope of arbitrators' powers. In addition to learning the practicalities of arbitration practice, the course also considers the broader public policy debates surrounding arbitration, along with proposed regulations.