2018 Legal Writing Institute One-Day Workshop Presentation Repository

November 30, 2018

2018 One-Day Workshop Program

Presentations and Notes

Teaching Students to Think Deeply About Cross-Cultural Competency, Cindy Thomas Archer

Developing Academic Thesis Statements by Component, Elizabeth R. Baldwin

Peer Critiques, Presentations, And Group Work in Scholarly Writing Class, Robin Boyle

What Law Students Really Want to Talk About: Literature That Informs on How to Be A Law Student,  Jennifer Babcock

The Often-Unanticipated Magic of Scholarly Writing, Karin Mika

Partners in Hein: Cultivating Legal Scholars, Deborah L. Borman, Elizabeth Ruiz Frost, LeighAnne Thompson, Hadley Van Vactor

Scholarship is Not a Four-Letter Word, Chris Coughlin

The Amazing Past, Present, and Future of Legal Writing: Creativity and Empirical Scholarship, Rebekah Hanley & Lance Long

Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Legal Writing Scholarship, J. Christopher Rideout

“Creating” Scholars, Samantha A. Moppett

Smashing Silos, Building Bridges: Doing and Teaching Scholarship Outside Disciplinary Boxes, Stephen Paskey

Teaching Legal Research in a Collaborative Learning Environment, Megan Austin

The Impact of Analytics: Teaching Powerful Legal Research, Megan McCombs Hays

Picking Up the Mantle: Junior Faculty’s Role in Elevating the Discipline, Leslie Culver