CRES Tuition and Financial Aid


In the first year of the CRES program, you are required to take five credits during the summer term, twelve credits during the fall term, nine credits during the winter term, and six credits during the spring term. During the fall, winter and spring terms, UO tuition is based on the “plateau” model where students pay a fixed tuition rate for nine to sixteen credits, where nine credits is a full-time load and five credits is a half-time load. Above the 16-credit threshold, you pay for the extra credits on a per credit basis. Along with other eligibility requirements, you must be registered for at least five credits to be eligible for financial aid.

Tuition and fees for the 2018/19 year are as follows:

  Resident Non-Resident
Summer Term 2018 $4,127.00 $5,402.00
Academic Year 2018-2019 $23,670.00 $30,852.00
Total  $27,797.00 $36,254.00


Tuition and fee schedules are revised each summer, and final determinations are available at that time. Tuition has historically increased 0 – 5 percent in a given year. To view the tuition charts for the Conflict and Dispute Resolution program (and all other UO schools and programs), see the Budget and Resource Planning website.

Because CRES is a self-supporting program, we are unable to offer discounted staff tuition rates. The program will accept a maximum of four credits paid for with the University of Oregon College of Education Reduced Enrollment Fee Privilege vouchers.

You should budget for the following approximate costs:

  • On or Off-Campus Housing (monthly costs- housing $1,001; food $316): $3,951.00* (per term)
  • Books/supplies:  $382.00* (per term)
  • Personal expenses:  $678.00* (per term)
  • Transportation:  $122.00* (per term)
  • UO student health insurance: $854 (per student per term, not required for domestic students) *
  • UO parking permit: $32 monthly*
  • UO matriculation fee: $430* (one time fee assessed to all new and transfer students)

*Based on 2018/19 budget/costs ( .

For help in calculating your baseline costs per term to attend the UO and for information on fees (how much and what they are for), see the UO Registrar's Office website.

Program Scholarships

Each year, the Master’s program offers relatively small scholarships to incoming students.  You are automatically considered for these scholarships when you apply to the program and will be notified of any program scholarship support in your acceptance letter.  These scholarships, which are awarded to first-year students only, are based on a number of factors and are not need-based.  They are for tuition remission only.  Students whose tuition is otherwise completely covered (through Graduate Employee/Graduate Teaching Fellowship and/or other scholarships) will be ineligible for these scholarships. Students who graduated from the University of Oregon with their bachelor degree, have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3, and are accepted to the CRES Program with a Summer 2019 start, are eligible to be considered for the Dean's Double Duck Award in place of the admissions scholarship. Students who meet the criteria are automatically considered for this award. The same guidelines from the admissions scholarships apply to the Dean's Double Duck Award. We are also able to provide some travel support for internships and final projects in the form of Jubitz Peacebuilder Travel Awards

Funding Opportunities

The University of Oregon's Financial Aid Office is a great resource for your financial aid questions.  When you are talking with the university financial aid office, be sure to identify yourself as a CRES (Conflict & Dispute Resolution) student. For financial assistance specific to international students, see our International Students page.

For more information on fellowships and awards that are open to domestic and international students, see the Graduate School website or the University of Oregon’s scholarships page. Undocumented and DACA applicants are encouraged to visit the UO DREAMers website ( for more information about applicable scholarship opportunities and an alternative to the FAFSA.

Graduate Employee (GE) (Formerly Graduate Teaching Fellowship/GTF) Positions

A GE position can help lighten your financial load. GEs include a tuition waiver plus a stipend. The CRES Master’s program collaborates with UO Conflict Resolution Services to provide a GE position that is available exclusively to CRES students. CRES students are also successful in obtaining GE positions across campus.  GE selection processes are quite competitive as these positions are in high demand. For information and current Graduate School GE openings, see the Graduate School's GE Openings site or check the site of the department with which you would like to work.