Adell Amos

Clayton R. Hess Professor of Law & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Adell Amos
Clayton R. Hess Professor of Law & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Phone: (541) 346-3826

Scholarly Work

Law Review Publications

“Evaluating Instream Flow Programs: Innovative Approaches and Persistent Challenges in the Western United States,” co-authored with Christopher R. Swensen, 61 Rocky Mt. Min. L. Inst. 22-1 (November 2015) (peer reviewed).    | Bepress | PDF | SSRN |

“Developing the Law of the River: The Integration of Law and Policy into Hydrologic and Socio-Economic Modeling Efforts in the Willamette River Basin,” 62:4 Kansas University Law Review, May 2014.  | Bepress | PDF | SSRN |

“Dam Removal and Hydropower Production in the U.S.—Ushering in a New Era,” 29(1) Journal of Environmental Law & Litigation, May 2014, | Bepress | PDF | SSRN

"Advancing Freshwater Conservation in the Context of Energy and Climate Policy: Assessing Progress and Identifying Challenges in the Western United States," 12:1 Denver Water Law Review, Fall 2008. | Bepress | PDF |

"Hydropower Reform and the Impact of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 on the Klamath Basin: Renewed Optimism or Same Old Story?," 22(1) Journal of Environmental Law & Litigation, Summer 2007. | SSRN | Bepress | PDF | Online |

"The Use of State Instream Flow Laws for Federal Lands: Respecting State Control while Meeting Federal Purposes" 36:4 Environmental Law, December 2006. | SSRN | Bepress | PDF |


Water Law in a Nutshell, Fifth Edition, co-authored with Zellmer, West Academic Publishing, (June 2015).

Professional Writing

“Why it makes little sense to regulate rainwater barrels in the dry western U.S.,”, March 25, 2016. | Online |

Scenarios of Future Water Availability in the Willamette River Basin Driven By Climate Change, Economics and Population to the Year 2099, Draft Executive Summary, December 2, 2015. | Online |

“Why the BLM’s Decision on Cadiz Was the Right One,” San Bernardino Sun Times, October 31, 2015. | Online |

“EPA’s Clean Water Rule: What’s at Stake and What Comes Next,” The Conversation, June 3, 2015. | Online |

Policy Letter for National Parks Conservation Association, to U.S. Department of the Interior, March 2010.

"Freshwater Conservation: A Review of Oregon Water Law & Policy," for The Nature Conservancy, August 2008 (available through the Nature Conservancy Office in Portland, Oregon). | PDF |

"Policy Agenda Connecting Energy, Climate, and Water: Working within the Prior Appropriation System," International Municipal Lawyers Association, Published Conference Proceedings, September 2008.

"More Dam Process: Relicensing of Dams and the 2005 Energy Policy Act," co-authored with Rick Eichstaedt and Rebecca Sherman, 50:6/7 The Advocate: Official Publication of the Idaho State Bar 33, June/July 2007. | SSRN | Bepress | PDF |

"Environmental Law Teachers' Perspectives on Preparing New Lawyers for Practice," co-authored with Sean B. Hecht and Janice L. Weis, American Bar Association 36th Conference on Environmental Law Published Proceedings, Keystone, Colorado, March 8-11, 2007. Awarded a Certificate of Recognition for "Best Paper at 36th Annual Conference on Environmental Law." | SSRN | Bepress | PDF|

"Emerging Water Law Trends in the Eastern United States: Will the Eastern Story Differ from the Western Experience?" American Bar Association, Eastern Water Resources: Emerging Issues in Competition, Science & Politics, Published Proceedings, May 11, 2006. | Online |

"Measure 37 is Overturned" Invited Opinion Editorial, Oregonian, October 23, 2005.

"Ecosystem Management and the Role of Water Resources," American Bar Association, Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Ecosystems Committee Newsletter, Volume 7, Issue 2 (March 2004). | SSRN | Bepress  | PDF |


Adell Amos
Clayton R. Hess Professor of Law & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

(541) 346-3826