Our Services

We help connect our graduates with employers who benefit from their expertise.

Through a variety of resources and services, the Career Center guides all Oregon Law students as they explore career options, connect with employers, and move from law school to the professional world. We also support prospective employers who can benefit from the talents and practical training our graduates receive.

Our professionals have developed expertise through their work in a variety of legal settings—including large and small private law firms, government offices, nonprofit organizations, and judicial chambers. We understand the needs of legal employers. And we use that understanding to identify students and alumni who match employers' needs—and help them apply for, secure, and succeed in those positions.

Here are a few of the many ways we can help...

Mentoring Program

Lane County Bar Association Mentorship Program: Lawyers and judges within the Eugene-Springfield community volunteer their time to mentor interested students from the school. Students fill out applications specifying their area of interest and what they are looking for from their mentor. The bar committee then matches up students with mentors. The kick-off event is a mentor/student social held early fall semester.

Interview Programs

Career Services offers several interview programs for students: (1) The On-Campus Interview Program in Eugene in the fall; (2) The Portland Interview Program at the UO Portland Center in March; and (3) the Northwest Public Service Career Fair in Portland and Seattle in February. In addition to the Northwest Public Service Career Fair, there are a number of other Career Fairs in the Northwest and in other parts of the country that our students participate in.

On-Campus Interviews

Every fall, approximately 40 – 50 employers visit the campus to interview students for summer clerkships and associate positions. Generally, employers that recruit on-campus are larger, private law firms, though each year the employer pool includes some government offices, an occasional public interest employer, and a handful of small to mid-sized private law firms. Students interested in small to mid-sized firms, government and public interest employers must, for the most part, plan, initiate and conduct their own job searches with these employers. The on-campus interview program is highly visible but it is only one avenue for jobs, only one small part of the services that we offer, and represents a relatively small number of employers. Most students will find jobs through their networking efforts and through making their own direct contacts to employers. Though we hope you will assess whether on-campus interviews fit with your overall career plans and opt to participate, we do not believe that it is wise for students to limit their job search efforts to this single career services option.

Portland Interview Program

Each spring Career Services arranges a day of interviews at the University of Oregon Portland Center, 70 SW Couch Street (the White Stag Block). This is a unique opportunity to interview with a number of firms at one place and time-especially for students who want to work in Portland after graduation. Information about the firms and positions is available in Career Services and on this website approximately one to two months before the interviews.

Career Fairs

Many career fairs for law students take place throughout the nation. The largest career fair of interest to Oregon Law students is the Northwest Public Service Career Fair, which features dozens of public service employers (including prosecutors, defenders, legal aid offices, US Attorneys, grassroots, and nonprofits) from the Pacific Northwest.