Child & Family Law Association (CFLA) aims to foster student interest in the study and practice of juvenile and family law. CFLA aims to introduce students to the broad array of practical, constitutional, and socio-political concepts related to family law. Toward this end, CFLA discusses such current topics as domestic violence, child abuse, child welfare policies, education law, adoption law, gay marriage, surrogate parentage, custody disputes in divorces, elder guardianships, and right to die legislation.

CFLA sponsors speakers, training, and seminars on a variety of issues to increase awareness of the array of legal issues related to family structures and children's rights. CFLA also provides networking and mentoring opportunities with professionals engaged in the practice of family and juvenile law. In addition, CFLA promotes student involvement in pro bono opportunities related to the practice of family, juvenile and elder law. In all of these endeavors, CFLA seeks to collaborate with other law student groups, other undergraduate and graduate-level programs at the University, faculty, and the local community. CFLA welcomes new student members interested in any aspect of juvenile, elder or family law.

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