Honor Code

The University of Oregon School of Law Honor Code is an important feature of promoting professionalism. The Honor Code consists of an adherence to ethical conduct and a philosophy of purposeful integrity. The law school has no separate written honor code. Instead, the University Student Conduct Code, together with the policies for taking law exams and using the law library, comprise the honor code.

By including the University Student Conduct Code in The Holding (the Student Handbook), the School of Law calls to the special attention of students the standards of conduct by which all students are expected to abide. Students should be aware of the code and should know they will be held accountable for its provisions, and for the rules and regulations specifically governing law school examinations.

The law school honor code is self-regulating. A student must report suspected violations. Failure to do so is itself a violation of the honor code. In this way law students prepare for membership in a profession where the ethical code is self-regulated.