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The fact we must face is that Nature has delivered a mandate more fundamental than any environmental law or regulation. As the Earth nears irrevocable climate thresholds, Humanity must urgently reduce carbon pollution. Climate Crisis Resources is essential to our survival as a species. Somehow fate has delivered all of us into this pivotal moment on Earth. We did not live 100 years ago, when it was too early to even imagine the collapse upon us, and we will not be here 100 years from now when it will be too late to save what we still can. We can only claim our moment. As individuals we can choose one of two paths. We can either put our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening, or we can each find our own role in this crisis. Unfortunately, the sheer scope and horror of global warming causes most people to choose the former path, living life day to day as if nothing is looming in their future. The purpose of this website is to bring climate crisis to a conceptual level that ordinary citizens, lawyers, and government officials can act on. It is often said that throughout history “ordinary people have considered it their responsibility to do something extraordinary.” This time we live in calls us all to do something extraordinary–mobilize a country to save a planet.

Citizens: Becoming a Victory Speaker for Climate Defense

During times of crisis, heroes emerge. During World War II, Victory Speakers, as they were known, rallied public support for war-time efforts. Click here to learn how you can join a new age of Victory Speakers and bring change to your community one voice at a time.

For Lawyers: The Atmospheric Trust Doctrine

Governments hold natural resources in trusts for their citizens. We can use the court system to hold governments accountable for damaging irreplaceable trust assets such as the atmosphere that we all depend on for survival. Click here to explore this new approach to climate change litigation.

Government Officials: Trustees of our Natural Resources

Governments exist by a mandate from the people to protect them from collective threats. In our time there is no greater threat than global climate change, and our government must face it head on. Now is the time to make history. Click here to find out how agencies, as trustees of the people’s natural resource assets, can use their authorities to protect Nature’s assets.


NPR’s Reality Report

Interview with Jason Bradford  | Listen Online

The Climate Crisis Q & A Segments

The Nature of the Problem  | Listen Online
Understanding global warming, the tipping point, and nature’s mandate.

The Required Response  | Listen Online
How we can each act and collectively require the government to act.

Our Government’s Role  | Listen Online
Our government has a legal duty to act to protect our natural trust.