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There presently exists a deep gulf between what we should be doing and what we are doing. We must remember that in a system of democracy, citizens do hold the levers of government. Government will act if citizens demand it. But our leaders will not act if citizens do not demand them to. Abraham Lincoln once said, "Public sentiment is everything. With [it], nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed." The heart of the problem is this: Americans seem to have lost their understanding that government is obligated to protect their natural resources. And when the public loses its sense of government responsibility… government officials quickly lose their sense of responsibility towards the public.


"Local Food Production and Regulation," JELL Symposium, "The Local Revolution: How Relationship and Legal Policies are Creating Sustainable Communities Around the Country", Eugene, Oregon (September 9, 2011).

"Climate Crisis and Citizenship," Eugene Rotary Club, Eugene, Oregon (June 8, 2010).

"Urban Homesteading for Kids," 4J School, Eugene, Oregon (June 8, 2010). Click here for Citizens not Consumers. Click here for Urban Homesteading Menu.

"People-powered Politics," Keynote Address, Powershift West Rally, Eugene, Oregon (November 8, 2009).

"350 Day! Artists for Climate Action," Hult Center, Eugene, Oregon (October 24, 2009).

"The Environment as a Public Trust: Climate Change & Planetary Solutions for Survival," interview with Sue Supriano, (July 13, 2009).

"The Climate Victory Speakers," Emerald Empire Kiwanis Club, Eugene, Oregon (upcoming September 17, 2009).

"Nature's Trust and Planetary Patriotism," Address, Grade School History Club, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon (June 3, 2009).

"Victory Congregations: Voicing the Sacred Trust Covenant in Climate Defense,"Address, St. Thomas More Newman Center, Eugene, Oregon (May 19, 2009). Download the Speech

"Victory Congregations: Voicing the Sacred Trust Covenant in Climate Defense," Earth Sunday Address, First United Methodist Church, Eugene, Oregon (May 3, 2009). Download the Speech

The Climate Victory Speakers," Address, League of Women Voters, Eugene, Oregon (February 19, 2009).

"Bridging Law and Science in the Face of Climate Emergency," Address, "Sustainable Solutions," A Series of Fireside Conversations on Global Warming, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR (February 12, 2009). For more information, please visit Meeting Nature's Mandate .

"Carbon-Cutting for Your Future," Address, Edgewood Community School, Eugene, Oregon (December 11, 2008).

"Act Locally, Think Globally: How Nature's Trust Can Seed Relocalization and Pollinate Planetary Patriotism,"Address, Post Carbon Eugene, Eugene, OR (December 10, 2008).

"Law and Climate Change: Government's Atmospheric Trust Responsibility," Keynote Address, Video-conference, University of Montana, Missoula, MT (February 19, 2008).

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"'You Can't Negotiate With a Beetle': Environmental Law for a New Ecological Age," Natural Resources Law Journal, Vol. 50, No. 1 (Spring 2010).

"The Dawn of Planetary Patriotism: A Citizens' Call to Climate Defense," co-authored with Heather A. Brinton

(forthcoming 2009). To read an abstract of this forthcoming book, click here.

"Law and Climate Change: Government's Atmospheric Trust Responsibility," 10 Environmental Law Reporter (September 2008).

"Nature's Trust: Reclaiming an Environmental Discourse," 25:2 Virginia L. J. (May 2007).

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Media Coverage

David Swanson, Judge Deliberates on Whether to Save Earth's Atmosphere (May 13, 2012)

Becker, William, “Childreen v. Dirty Business,” The Huffington Post, (April 11, 2012).

Plitz, Rick, “Hansen:  Climate Science and Moral Responsibility,” (April 8, 2012).

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"Stand Up for Our Future," iMatter March,

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Becker, Bill, "Accepting Responsibility for a Role in Climate Change: 'Blissfully Ignorant' or Morally Responsible?" SolveClimate  (December 13, 2009).

"The Politics of Climate Change,"interview with Laurie Mercier, KBOO 90.7FM, (March 2, 2009).

"Obama must act now on climate issue," Opinion Editorial with Tim Ream, The Register Guard (January 27, 2009),

"Barack Obama stands at threshold of catastrophic climate change," Opinion Editorial with Tim Ream, (January 19, 2009),; also posted at (January 21, 2009); also posted at (January 21, 2009).

Cooper, Matt, "County weighs cap-and-trade for emissions," The Register Guard, B2 (January 3, 2009).

Interview with Sally Mock, "NPR's Montana Evening Edition," KUSM,, Missoula, MT (February 19, 2008). (To listen to the interview: Click on or copy the following URL into your browser:; Select " 5:30 PM – 5:55 PM Montana Evening Edition"; Select "Click to Listen." The interview begins 8 minutes, 30 seconds into the program and lasts 10 minutes.)

Interview with Jason Bradford, "NPR's The Reality Report," KZYX,, Mendocino County, CA (April 14, 2008), available at

Interview with Ed Monks, host of "To Pursue the Truth", Ch. 29 CCTV, Eugene, Oregon (Feb. 12, 2007).

Wise, Carla, "Green All the Lawyers," UTNE Reader, (August 19, 2008).

Metcalf, Peter, Law Professor Says Government Obligated to Curb Climate Change," New West.Net: The Voice of the Rocky Mountains (February 20, 2008).

"Government's Atmospheric Trust Responsibility," Keynote Address, J.E.L.L. Climate Change Conference, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR (October 19, 2007).

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"The Climate Victory Speakers," Address, League of Women Voters, Eugene, Oregon (February 19, 2009).

Recommended Reading

Sally G. Bingham, Love God, Heal Earth: 21 Leading Religious Voices Speak Out on Our Sacred Duty to Protect the Environment, St. Lynn's Press, Pittsburgh, PA, 2009.

Rob Hopkins, The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience (Chelsea Green 2008). This book is a clearly written handbook for inspiring and guiding communities into a new sustainable future with less dependency on fossil fuels. It presents strategies for local food production, transportation, and energy independence on the local level. This is a must-read for citizens of any community seeking a resilient and sustainable future. It draws from the World War II experience of local food production and energy minimalism to show that yes, we can prepare for the new world and create a better, healthier, and more satisfying way of life as a result.

LESTER R. BROWN, PLAN B 3.0: MOBILIZING TO SAVE CIVILIZATION (Linda Starke ed., W.W. Norton & Co. Inc. 2008).



Union of Concerned Scientists, "How to Avoid Dangerous Climate Change: A Target for U.S. Emissions Reductions" (September 2007).

UCS Targets: 1. Arrest growth of carbon emissions by 2010; 2. Reduce carbon emissions by 4% per year annually; 3. Achieve 80% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050.

Jeremy Brecher, Civil Disobedience as Law Enforcement (Aug. 14, 2013) (exploring public trust as a defense to non-violent protest to protect the atmosphere),


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