Michael Fakhri

Associate Professor

Michael Fakhri
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 346-8401
Email: mfakhri@uoregon.edu

Scholarly Work


Bandung, Global History and International Law: Critical Pasts and Pending Futures, co-edited  with Vasuki Nesiah and Luis Eslava (Cambridge University Press, 2017; paperbacl 2018)

Sugar and the Making of International Trade Law (Cambridge University Press 2014)


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The Spirit of Bandung” in Bandung, Global History and International Law: Critical Pasts and Pending Futures (Cambridge University Press 2017) 3 (co-author with Vasuki Nesiah and Luis Eslava)

Gauging US and EU Seal Regimes in the Arctic Against Inuit Sovereignty” in Nengye Liu et al. (eds.), The European Union and the Arctic (Brill Nijhoff 2017) 200

Food as a Matter of Global Governance” 11 Journal of International Law and International Relations 68 (2015)

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The Institutionalisation of Free Trade and Empire: A Study of the 1902 Brussels Convention” 2:1 London Review of International Law 49 (2014)

Reconstruing WTO Legitimacy Debates” 2:1 Notre Dame Journal of International & Comparative Law 64 (2011)

The 1937 International Sugar Agreement: Neo-Colonial Cuba and Economic Aspects of the League of Nations” 24:4 Leiden Journal of International Law 89 (2011)

“Images of the Arab World and Middle East, Debates About Development and Regional Integration” 28:3 Wisconsin International Law Journal 390 (2011)

Law as the Interplay of Ideas, Institutions, and Interests: Using Polanyi (and Foucault) to Ask TWAIL Questions” 10:4 International Community Law Review 455 (2008)


The Bandung Conference” in Tony Carty (ed.), Oxford Bibliographies in International Law (Oxford University Press 2017) (co-author with Kelly Reynolds)

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Book review of Kate Miles, The Origins of International Investment Law: Empire, Environment, and the Safeguarding of Capital, 18:3 Journal of International Economic Law 697 (2015)       

The Intersection Between Food Sovereignty and Law” 28:2 Natural Resources & Environment 45 (2013) (with Nate Bellinger)

Questioning TWAIL’s Agenda” 14:1 Oregon Review of International Law 1 (2012)

Book review of Andrew Lang, World Trade Law after Neoliberalism. Re-imagining the Global Economic Order, 23:3 European Journal of International Law 901 (2012)


Michael Fakhri
Associate Professor

(541) 346-8401