Michael Fakhri

Associate Professor

Michael Fakhri
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 346-8401
Email: mfakhri@uoregon.edu

Scholarly Work


Bandung, Global History and International Law: Critical Pasts and Pending Futures, co-edited  with Vasuki Nesiah and Luis Eslava (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2016)

Sugar and the Making of International Trade Law (Cambridge University Press 2014)


“Food a Matter of Global Governance”, 11 Journal of International Law and International Relations 68 (2015) download

The WTO, Self-Determination, and Multi-Jurisdictional Sovereignty”, American Journal of International Law Unbound (2015)

“Globalizations of Law From the Perspective of International Trade Law (and Agricultural Commodities)”, 1 Jindal Law Review 18 (2015) download

“The Institutionalisation of Free Trade and Empire: A Study of the 1902 Brussels Convention” 2:1 London Review of International Law 49 (2014) download

The Intersection Between Food Sovereignty and Law”, 28:2 Natural Resources & Environment 45 (2013) (with Nate Bellinger) download

Reconstruing WTO Legitimacy Debates”, 2:1 Notre Dame Journal of International & Comparative Law 64 (2011) download

The 1937 International Sugar Agreement: Neo-Colonial Cuba and Economic Aspects of the League of Nations”, 24:4 Leiden Journal of International Law 89 (2011) download

Images of the Arab World and Middle East, Debates About Development and Regional Integration”, 28:3 Wisconsin International Law Journal 390 (2011) download

Law as the Interplay of Ideas, Institutions, and Interests: Using Polanyi (and Foucault) to Ask TWAIL Questions”, 10:4 International Community Law Review 455 (2008) download


Book review of Kate Miles, The Origins of International Investment Law: Empire, Environment, and the Safeguarding of Capital, 18:3 Journal of International Economic Law 697 (2015) download

Book review of Andrew Lang, World Trade Law after Neoliberalism. Re-imagining the Global Economic Order, 23:3 European Journal of International Law 901 (2012) download


Michael Fakhri
Associate Professor

(541) 346-8401