Next Steps

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What Are Our Plans Moving Forward?

The list below describes some upcoming activities that are in-process, beyond those that appear on the “Recent Initiatives” page. We expect this list to be dynamic as we move through planning and implementation, and look forward to your ongoing engagement as we continue this process.

Faculty Trainings

After interviewing five different possible experts, the Dean has identified both internal and external resources to lead a series of faculty trainings to be held during the Spring semester. Initial trainings will be focused on classroom structures and interventions regarding race and other challenging topics. The trainings will be preceded by survey instruments (for both students and faculty) aimed at assuring that the scenarios will be developed appropriately. And they will be followed by opportunities for ongoing small group work among faculty members.

Climate Survey

The School of Law will engage, along with the broader University of Oregon, in a campus climate survey. As the Dean, I have become a strong advocate for the need for a professional, focused, and timely assessment of the dynamics at play in our school and our university. We will be coordinating with the Division of Equity and Inclusion on the survey’s design and implementation.

Curricular Reforms

The faculty is considering a series of proposals for curricular reforms designed to emphasize different aspects of diversity, community, and inclusion in the law school curriculum. The Curriculum Committee is the formal body through which proposals will be vetted. The Committee on Community and Inclusion will take the lead in the consolidation and initial consideration of these proposals.

Diversity Strategic Action Plan

The School of Law will complete an updated Diversity Strategic Action Plan no later than March 2017. The Committee on Community and Inclusion will take the lead on the first steps on this plan, and students, faculty, and staff will be engaged.  The plan will respond to the call from President Schill for every academic unit to situate its plans within the University’s IDEAL framework. The plan will include specific strategies designed to, among other things, (i) create a more robust pipeline for diverse students to enter the UO; (ii) increase diversity and equity among the faculty, staff, administrators, and students; and (iii) foster a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all faculty, staff, and students. 

Alumni Engagement

As Dean, I have been engaged in initial conversations with many alumni and other interested groups about their experiences with and perceptions of Oregon Law. Many on the staff here at Oregon Law will be joining me in further conversations in Spring 2017. To share feedback click here. To offer your support click here.

Student Support

The law school’s Student Affairs staff continue to offer academic support and accommodations to students in need.  Open forums will continue to be planned so that students can voice their concerns, needs, and ideas.  Educational programming will be offered throughout the spring on necessary topics as identified by students. The UO Counseling Center and the 24-hour crisis line (541-346-3227) will be available to any law student with support needs.

Derrick Bell Lecture

In commemoration of one of the first African-American deans at a non-historically black law school, we created the Derrick Bell Lecture in 2013. As part of this lecture series, we are working to invite a nationally prominent speaker to campus in Spring 2017 to engage our community on issues of race and the law.

Faculty Hiring Proposal

We have a deep commitment to fill important gaps in our current curriculum, including courses that are directly relevant to race and the law. We have also recently had multiple faculty retirements.  In recognition of these needs and this opportunity, the associate deans will be submitting to the faculty a proposal to make five tenure and tenure-track hires, with the goal of increasing the diversity of our faculty.