The University of Oregon School of Law prepares students to enter the legal profession. We are dedicated to promoting ethical and professional conduct within the legal community and beyond. In addition to adhering to the rules of professional conduct, we strive to instill a sense of civility that characterizes dedicated and caring attorneys.

Developing appropriate professional conduct habits helps our students maintain leadership roles within the profession and the larger community. That process begins in law school and continues throughout one's career. Our students comport themselves in a professional, civil, and appropriate manner. To help define the standards by which such is measured, we integrate professionalism into courses and co-curricular initiatives throughout each student's law school career.


Student Diversity

The University of Oregon School of Law is a public law school that serves its students through the creation and transfer of knowledge in the legal profession. A cornerstone of the law school's mission is the belief that the education of Oregon's future lawyers must incorporate a global perspective, recognizing the need to interact sensitively and effectively with a diversity of people. An educational experience that prepares law students for effective participation in society offers opportunities for learning, living, socializing, and studying with people from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, financial resources, and individual perspectives. 

We encourage and welcome diversity as a key component of our law school's academic and co-curricular character. A range of support for both individuals and groups is available and ever-increasing to help realize our important diversity goals. Available services include first-year tutoring; individualized learning plans; review sessions throughout the first-year; exam preparation; and a host of professional services. For more information, please contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs: (541) 346-3896.

Diversity Strategic Action Plan for the School of Law

UO Diversity Excellence Scholarship

UO Student Life – Diversity Programs


UO Parent/Family Resources Program

UO Bias Response Team

UO Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Office