Pro Bono Awards

Outstanding Pro Bono Service Awards

Each April, the Pro Bono Executive Board honors the contributions of students at the law school. Students in each class who report the most hours for the academic year are recognized with with UO Law's "Outstanding Pro Bono Service" Award.  For the 2015-16, the following students earned this distincition: 1Ls Ryan Pech & Eric Wolfe, 2L Alison Burns, and 3L Jordan Manley.  

Oregon New Lawyers Division Pro Bono Challenge Award

 The OSBA gives this award each year to the student who does the most pro bono work during the school year.  In October  2016, Giselle Schmitz received this honor for the 2015-6 school year for her  many hours of service with a variety of  organizations and her leadership of the Pro Bono Executive Committee.    


The Nicole Richardson Outstanding Public Service Award

Nicole Richardson was a passionate student dedicated to underserved populations, especially indigent criminal defendants. After graduation, she worked in the Colorado State Public Defender Office where she was known as an uncompromising crusader for justice. As a student, Nicole was a member of OLSPIF, the Criminal Law Association, Phi Alpha Delta, and a three-year member of the Pro Bono Executive Board. In honor of Nicole’s passion, spirit and commitment to justice, her family established an annual award, the Nicole Richardson Outstanding Public Service Award.  Each year, at least one 3L student will receive an award, which includes comes with a minimum of $1000.  In 2017, Elliott Samuels and Alina Stevns received this award and $1500 each.