Available Scholarships

Following is a list of scholarships available to law school students

Lois and Ray Ackerman Scholarship

Established in 2008 in memory of Lois and Ray Ackerman to be used as a general scholarship fund that is supported by class gifts and independent donors. This fund provides scholarships for law students based on academic merit and/or achievement.


Wayne E. and Kelly Hertig Allen Law Scholarship

Established by Wayne E. and Kelly Hertig Allen in 2007, recipients of this scholarship shall have financial need, as determined by the UO Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, and a demonstrated interest in the field of public interest law


Lois I. Baker Scholarship

Established in 1971 by friends and former students to honor Lois I. Baker's long service as the school's law librarian. This endowed fund is to assist a second-year student. Awarded on the basis of financial need and academic achievement.


James D. Barnett Scholarships

Established by Mrs. Winifred Barnett Allendoerfer and Professor Carl Allendoerfer in memory of James D. Barnett, member of the UO faculty from 1908 until his death in 1957. This fund is to be used to assist needy and worthy students to pursue their studies in law and government.


Derrick A. Bell, Jr. Scholarships

Established by Hope Dohnal Smith JD '81 in honor of Derrick A. Bell, Jr. Dr. Bell served as the Dean of the School of Law from 1981 to 1985. Awarded to academically talented minority students based on scholarly interest, achievement, and demonstrated ability.


Hugh L. Biggs Scholarship

The award is supported by an endowed fund established by the late Hugh L. Biggs, a trustee emeritus of the UO Foundation Board and a prominent attorney in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from the UO in 1927 and from the School of Law in 1931. The scholarship is awarded to law students on the basis of academic achievement, demonstrated leadership ability, and professional promise.


Clifford Carlsen Scholarship

Established in 2000, the purpose of this fund is to provide annual scholarships to law students.


Dennis Chandler Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by a gift from Eugene and Wilhelmina Bramlett in honor of Luetta and Robert Branch, cousins of Dennis Chandler, who is the son of James Chandler, Professor of Law at George Washington University. Awarded to students with demonstrated need and community involvement. Preference may be given to African American students.


Francis I. Cheney Scholarship Fund

Established by the Ben B. Cheney Foundation in 1991 to honor the memory of Francis I. Cheney. Mr. Cheney graduated from the School of Law in 1933. Awarded to law students for scholastic achievement, high quality of leadership, good character, motivation, and citizenship.


Class of 1985 Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Established in 2005 in memory of any and all deceased members of the law school Class of '85 to benefit law students.


Henry E. Collier Law Scholarships

Established by the late Henry E. Collier, a Portland attorney. Awarded to law students with financial need who are registered full time.


Davis Levin Livingston Scholarship for Public Interest Law, Scholarship


Deirdre Dawson School of Law Scholarship

Selection shall be at the discretion of the Law School Admissions Department and/or the Law School Scholarship Committee under the oversight of the Associate Dean or her/his designee.


Rose Mary and Thomas Dempsey, Sr. Memorial Law School Scholarship

Established in 2003 by Thomas M. Dempsey in memory of his parents. Awards are made to law students based on "interest in trial work, demonstrated financial need, and academic achievement."


Donald A. Dole Family Scholarship for Southern Oregon

Established by James R. Dole in 2008, this award is based on h3 academic credentials and/or financial need. Preference will be given to a law student who attended high school in Southern Oregon (west of the Cascades, Roseburg and south). Should there not be an eligible student from Southern Oregon, the donor prefers the scholarship be awarded to other Oregon regions before final preference be given to a regional high school graduate within the Willamette Valley and the Portland Metropolitan area.


Edith Durgan Scholarship

Established by the Estate of Edith Durgan, who graduated from the University of Oregon in 1929. Awards to law students may be based on financial need as well as scholastic ability.


2014 Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys, LLP Scholarship

As the premier personal injury law firm in Bend, Oregon, Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys, LLP is pleased to announce a scholarship available to students anticipating attending law school in the fall of 2014. The $1,000 scholarship is intended to help defray first-year expenses for students graduating from an Oregon University that have been accepted into an accredited law school anywhere in the United States.


Caroline Forell Scholarship

Established in honor of Caroline Forell, member of the law faculty since 1978. The scholarship is to provide support for first-year students with financial need.


The Tom Foster Endowed Scholarship Fund

Established by family, friends, and peers in memory of Tom Foster, who was awarded a posthumous degree on May 16, 2000. He was an active member of The Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation (JELL) and had developed outstanding academic skills in the area of Intellectual Property. This scholarship is awarded to a rising third year law student who possesses the character traits of Tom: integrity, honesty, passion, humor, motivation, and dedication to the law school and search for knowledge.


Lorienne Conlee Fowler Law Scholarship

Funded by a trust fund established by the late Dr. Frank E. Fowler in memory of his wife, Mrs. Lorienne Conlee Fowler. Awarded to a female, first-year law student on basis of need and scholastic record. Renewable if student continues to make satisfactory academic progress.


William Frye Endowed Scholarship

Supported by a bequest from William Frye, a former Lane County district attorney, Oregon State senator, and a member of the class of 1956. A new award is issued to a first-year student and renewed annually so that each year one student in each of the three classes receives the scholarship. Awarded on the basis of need, leadership ability, and interest in public service, demonstrated preference or ability to practice trial law is given precedence over scholastic achievement. Recipients must be graduates of Oregon high schools.


Herbert B. Galton Labor Relations or ADR Scholarship

Supported by the income of an endowed fund established by the late Herbert B. Galton, a member of the class of 1938 and a Portland, Oregon attorney who had an abiding interest and long involvement in labor-relations law. Scholarships will be awarded to law students who have demonstrated interest in labor relations, employment law, or alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This shall be a two-year award, with continuation contingent upon satisfactory academic achievement, and demonstrated interest in ADR.


Robert Gershbein Scholarship

Established by Judge Ellen Rosenblum, JD ''75, and Richard Meeker, JD ''74, in memory of Robert Gershbein, an accepted applicant to the UO Law School who died in 1992. Awarded to a law student on the basis of a demonstrated interest and commitment to the pursuit of a career in public policy or poverty law. The recipient shall be h3ly encouraged to undertake a project that is in line with the scholar's expressed interest in public or low-income housing.


Nelson H. and Kathleen D. Grubbe Scholarship

An endowed fund, established in 2003. Awarded to a first-year student who is a resident of Oregon and attended an Oregon high school. Renewable second and third years if student maintains satisfactory academic progress.


The John and Elenor Halderman Scholarship Fund

Established in 1991 by a gift from Elenor L. Halderman in honor of her late husband, John W. Halderman, Class of 1931. Mr. Halderman was an expert on the United Nations and played an instrumental role in its formation. The scholarship is awarded to law students with demonstrated interest in and commitment to the pursuit of a career in international law with primary emphasis on the study of world order in international relations and human rights. Providing these criteria are met, secondary consideration is given to both scholastic achievement and financial need.


Leslie Harris and Nancy Shurtz Scholarship Endowment Fund

Established by an anonymous donor in 1994 to support scholarships for qualified law students with financial need. One yearly scholarship is given in the name of Leslie Harris and one in the name of Nancy Shurtz, members of the law faculty since 1992.


Orlando John and Marian H. Hollis Scholarship

Established in 2000 by the Estate of Orlando Hollis. Mr. Hollis served as dean of the Law School from 1945 to 1967. Funds are used to provide scholarships to third-year law students with an interest in Legal Procedure and Conflict of Laws.


Dean Orlando John Hollis Scholar Award for Academic Excellence

This scholarship is made possible by a gift from the Bowerman Foundation to honor Dean Hollis, a member of the Class of 1928. He was a member of the law school faculty from 1931 to 1967 and served as the dean from 1945 to 1967. The scholarship is awarded annually to a third-year law student who has been enrolled at UO School of Law for his/her first two years and remains in residence for the third year. Based on academic excellence and intention to practice in Oregon. The top five third-year students who meet the above requirements are interviewed for this prestigious award.


Charles G. Howard Law Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established by members of Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity and named in honor of the late Charles G. Howard, a member of the School of Law faculty from 1928 to 1971. Several scholarships of varying amounts are awarded annually based on the following:

1) The financial need and circumstances of the student(s), 2) the ability and attempt by the student to solve such financial problems, 3) the academic record of the student. However, such academic record shall be considered only to determine whether the student is making satisfactory progress in the School of Law.


Garland Dave Hunter Scholarship

Established in 1999 in memory of Garland Dave Hunter '58 JD '61. The Scholarship is to be awarded on the basis of merit to a second- year law student interested in Business Law who intends to practice in the State of Oregon. Involvement in the Law & Entrepreneurship Center and/or its programs is also desirable. Financial need can be a factor but is not controlling.


The Sol and Jackie Israel Scholarship Fund

Established in 2006 by Sol and Jackie Israel, this award is given to a law student based on academic achievement and financial need.


Mark Edwin Johnson Scholarship

Established by Mark Edwin Johnson, this scholarship is awarded to a first-year, out-of-state law student at the UO School of Law. The award is renewable both second and third years if student maintains satisfactory academic progress.


Michael A. Johnston Award

An endowed fund established by family and friends in memory of law student Michael A. Johnston. The scholarship recipient must be a graduating law student who has a disability or disabling disease and who displays qualities of independence, perseverance, gentleness of spirit, and love for all manner of people and things. Priority is given to a student diagnosed six months before or after acceptance into law school. However, this criterion may be disregarded under extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the committee. Grades and activities are considered, in light of the student's disability and circumstances. Financial need is not considered.


James T. Landye Scholarship

The scholarships are financed from a fund contributed by the friends of the late James T. Landye, a Portland, Oregon, labor lawyer and member of the Class of 1934. Mr. Landye was a founder of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA) in 1946, formerly the National Association of Claimants' Compensation Attorneys. He was ATLA's second President, 1947-48, and to date, the only Oregonian to serve in this capacity. Mr. Landye, born in Swansea, Wales in 1910, was a labor and trial lawyer in Portland, Oregon. At the time of his death in 1956, he was the Campaign Manager for U.S. Senator Wayne L. Morse. Recipients are selected on the basis of scholastic ability, financial need, and interest in trial law or labor law.


Steve D. Larson Law Scholarship

Established by Steven D. Larson in 2007, recipients of this scholarship shall have h3 academic credentials and/or financial need.


Law School Diversity Scholarship

To encourage minority students from Oregon to apply to the UO School of Law. Preference is given to minority students who meet Oregon residency requirements. If Law School is unable to satisfy donor's first preference, any qualified applicant to the UO School of Law who meets Oregon residency requirements is eligible for the award.


Mary Lawrence Scholarship Endowment Fund

Established in 2000 by UO law school faculty, former students, and professional colleagues to honor retired Legal Writing Director Professor Mary Lawrence. Scholarship(s) are provided for the top-ranked student(s) of the first-year class. The scholarship(s) will be awarded to the student(s) upon entry of the second year of study at the UO School of Law. In the event that there is more than one top student the endowment award will be split equally between each student.


Jason Lee School of Law Scholarship

Established by Jason Lee in 2003, this scholarship is awarded to a law student who 1) shares a similar background and circumstances entering law school as those of Mr. Lee, who entered law school as a student with English as a second language; 2) demonstrates financial need; 3) has high academic merit. Each of these three criteria above should be considered in descending order in the selection of a qualified candidate for this scholarship.


Jeanne Latourette Linklater Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Law. Supported by income from a bequest by Jeanne Latourette Linklater, whose husband, Kenneth A. Linklater, graduated from the School of Law in 1935, and whose father, Earl C. Latourette, was Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court from 1953 to 1955. Awarded to first-year students based on academic excellence.


Ann Louise Litin Memorial Award

Established by family and friends of the late Ann Louise Litin, Class of 1982. As a tribute to Ann Louise's memory, her family and friends have established this award, which may be given to a second- or third-year law student who demonstrates the admirable qualities similar to those of Ann Louise: concern for others, enthusiasm, generosity of spirit, and loyalty to family and friends. Financial need and academic achievement are not prerequisites for eligibility.


David A. Lokting School of Law Scholarship

Established by David Lokting in 2008, the purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships for law students at the University of Oregon School of Law.


John L. and Naomi M. Luvaas Graduate Fellowship

Established by Naomi and John Luvaas '39 JD '42. Mr. Luvaas is a founding partner of Luvaas, Cobb, Richards and Fraser, the fourth-largest law firm in Lane County. He is a recipient of the School of Law Meritorious Service Award. Awards may be made to incoming or returning students.


Fredric R. Merrill Writing Award

An award established by friends, family, and colleagues to honor the late Fredric R. Merrill, member of the law faculty from 1970 to 1992. Given annually to a student who has demonstrated excellence in writing for the Oregon Law Review.


Van Mollison Family Scholarship

This award was established in 2004 by Richard and Maria Mollison. Awarded to an Oregon resident who is paying in-state tuition. Preference is given to students in this order: 1) an Oregon student from east of the Cascade Mountains; 2) an Oregon resident; 3) any law student.


James Mooney Scholarship

Established in 2006 by Michael and Marlene King , the Scholarship's primary purpose is to recognize the importance to law students and attorneys of maintaining a sense of humor and healthy perspective about themselves, their work, and life generally. Each year, Professor Mooney will award the scholarship, in an amount he believes appropriate, to the student or students from his prior-year Contracts class who during that prior year contributed the most to classroom good humor in the pursuit of both learning and a sense of perspective.


Wayne Morse Endowed Memorial Scholarship

An endowed fund established in 1991 by the estate of Nancy T. Fisher to honor the late Wayne L. Morse. Morse was a faculty member of the UO School of Law from 1929 to 1943 and served as dean from 1931 to 1943. Morse is best known for holding an U.S. Senate seat from 1944 to 1968. He was an independent-minded senator committed to public service and the State of Oregon. This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate the dedication and values of Wayne Morse.


Wayne Morse Center Fellowships

The Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics is an independent center housed at the UO School of Law. Each year the Wayne Morse Center awards fellowships to three members of each law school class. Fellows are expected to participate in the activities of the center. Activities include providing assistance to visiting scholars, event planning and support, research assistance, and being a Wayne Morse Center ambassador to law and non-law students as well as the local Eugene community. For more information, see http://www.waynemorsecenter.uoregon.edu


Kathryn Fenning Owens Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1989 by a gift from Helen McKenzie Owens and Richard C. Owens, Class of 1970, in memory of former UO law student, Kathryn Fenning Owens. Awarded to law students on the basis of financial need as well as scholastic ability with a preference for women.


Paul Patterson Memorial Fellowship

This fellowship is awarded annually to a student completing the second year in Law School who best exemplifies the high qualities of integrity, leadership, and dedication to public service that characterized Paul L. Patterson, late governor of Oregon and member of the Class of 1926.


Wade & Elsie Marler Plymell Scholarship

Established in 2005 by Alice Plymell, this award is to support current disabled students or to recruit disabled students. Preference will be given to students who are qualified individuals with a disability as defined by the ADA of 1990, as amended.


Nicole Richardson Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award

In honor of Nicole's passion, spirit, and commitment to justice, her family has established this $1,000 award. The recipient will be a student whose pro bono work has made a significant impact on the community and reflects characteristics similar to Nicole Richardson. The Pro Bono Executive Board will accept nominations through mid-March. More information is available here.


Robert S. Summers Scholarship

This award was established in 2004 by Brent Summers. First preference will be given to a student from Oregon who attended Pine-Eagle High School in Halfway, Oregon. Second preference will be given to a student who attended high school in Oregon east of 120 degrees longitude and north of 44 degrees latitude.


Tax Executives Institute Scholarship

Established in 2004, funds were made available by Tax Executives Institute, Portland Chapter. Awarded to a second- or third-year law student who has established h3 academic credentials and a background demonstrating a propensity toward corporate tax.


Louise Uttinger School of Law Scholarship

Established in 2011, the Louise Uttinger Scholarship is awarded to a third-year law student. The student selected will have a commitment and passion for public service, demonstrated work experience or intent to practice in the public sector, substantial performance of pro bono service, and holds a leadership position in a public service oriented student group.


Voillequé Endowed Scholarship

Established by Ann Voillequé in 2005, preference for this award will be given to women minority students who meet minimum law requirements and demonstrate financial need.


Williams, Kastner & Gibbs Fellowship

Awarded to a second- or third-year law student who has established h3 academic credentials and a background demonstrating a propensity toward the public good. The Williams, Kastner & Gibbs Fellow will embody the positive compassionate image of the legal profession. A 500-word or fewer essay is required, the topic to be determined by the Law School and Williams, Kastner & Gibbs representatives.


Gladys A. Wynd Scholarship

Established by Gladys Wynd, a University of Oregon graduate. Awards are based upon academic excellence without regard to financial need.


Oglesby and Doris Young Scholarship

The original gift from Southern Pacific Lines railroad was made in honor of Oglesby Young when he received the Meritorious Service Award in 1995. The award is given to a student who graduated from an Oregon high school and from the University of Oregon and plans to stay in Oregon and practice law. Scholastic achievement and financial need are considered.