Student Health and Safety

Most students receive their health care at the University's Student Health Center. The Student Health Center offers students a broad variety of programs and services including primary medical care, psychiatry, dental care, sports medicine, physical therapy, allergy services, nutritional counseling, travel medicine, and health promotion. Laboratory, pharmacy, and x-ray services are also available. For information about HIV testing, consult the Campus AIDS Resources.

For assistance in dealing with mental and emotional health issues, the University's Counseling and Testing Center is located on the second floor of the Student Health Center. The University also operates an overnight Crisis Line staffed by anonymous telephone counselors. Finally, the University offers a Student Health Insurance plan.

The University provides a number of resources to enhance students' personal safety around campus. The University Police Department provides campus emergency phones, lighted pathways, campus patrols, and safety escorts. The University also has a Designated Driver Shuttle program that provides students with free, quick, and safe rides home. Similarly, the Assault Prevention Shuttle program provides safe, free rides at night for university students, faculty, and staff.