Faculty Articles

Find the most recent articles from 2018-2019.

Sarah Adams-Schoen“Beyond Localism: Harnessing State Adaptation Lawmaking to Facilitate Local Climate Resilience”8 Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law 185 (2018)
Angela Addae“Challenging the Constitutionality of Private Prisons: Insights from Israel”25 William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law 527 (2019)
Angela Addae“Pathways to Sector Selection: A Theoretical Framework for Social Entrepreneurs”28 Nonprofit Management and Leadership 349 (2018) (peer reviewed)
Adell Amos“Scope and Limitations of Drought Management within Complex Human-Natural Systems” (with William K. Jaeger, David Conklin, Christian Langpap, Kathleen Moore, and Andrew Plantinga)2 Nature Sustainability 710 (2019) (peer reviewed).
Kristen Bell“A Stone of Hope: Legal and Empirical Analysis of California Juvenile Lifer Parole Decisions”54 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 455 (2019)
Carl Bjerre“LLC and Partnership Transfer Restrictions Excluded From UCC Article 9 Overrides” (with Daniel S. Kleinberger, Edwin E. Smith and Steven O. Weise)Business Law Today (February 7, 2019)
Carl BjerreSupplement to Hawkland’s Uniform Commercial Code Series: Volumes on Investment Securities and Secured Transactions Thomson Reuters (2018)
Marcilynn A. Burke“Streamlining or Steamrolling: Oil and Gas Leasing Reform on Federal Public Lands in the Trump Administration”91 Colorado Law Review (forthcoming 2019)
Stuart Chinn“The Meaning of Judicial Impartiality: An Examination of Supreme Court Confirmation Debates and Supreme Court Rulings on Racial Equality”2019 Utah Law Review (forthcoming)
Stuart Chinn“Free Speech Controversies and Consequences on Campus”54 Tulsa Law Review 225 (2019) (book review essay)
Greg Dotson“State Authority to Regulate Mobile Source Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Part 1: History and Current Challenge”49 Environmental Law Reporter (forthcoming 2019)
Michael Fakhri“Third World Sovereignty, Indigenous Sovereignty, and Food Sovereignty”9 Transnational Legal Theory 218 (2018)
Susan Gary“The Need for a New Type of Purpose Trust, the Stewardship Trust”44 ACTEC Law Journal (forthcoming 2019)
Susan Gary“The Oregon Stewardship Trust: A New Type of Purpose Trust that Enables Steward-Ownership of a Business,”88 University of Cincinnati Law Review (forthcoming 2019) (symposium)
Erik Girvan“Tail, Tusk, and Trunk: What Different Metrics Reveal About Racial Disproportionality in School Discipline” (with Kent McIntosh and Keith Smolkowski)54 Educational Psychologist 40 (2019) (peer reviewed)
Tom Lininger“Reforming Judicial Ethics to Promote Environmental Protection”49 Environmental Law Reporter 10789 (2019) (symposium)
Roberta Mann“I Robot, U Tax?”64 McGill Law Journal (forthcoming 2019)
Eric PriestRedeeming Globalization through Unfair Competition Law” (with Sean A. Pager)41 Cardozo Law Review (forthcoming 2020)
Eric Priest“Why Don't We Think about Authors the Way We Think about Entrepreneurs?”53 Akron Law Review (forthcoming 2020)
Jennifer Reynolds“In a Very, Very Short Story Called ‘Equivalent,’ Amy Hempel Explores Connection and Interaction”Dispute Resolution Magazine (forthcoming 2019)
Elizabeth "Liz" Tippett“Harassment Trainings: A Content Analysis”39 Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law 481 (2018)
Elizabeth "Liz" Tippett“The Legal Implications of the MeToo Movement”103 Minnesota Law Review 228 (2018)
Merle Weiner“When A Parent is Not Apparent”80 University of Pittsburgh Law Review 1 (2019)
Mary Christina Wood“Atmospheric Trust Litigation: Securing a Constitutional Right to a Stable Climate System”29 Colorado Natural Resources Energy and Environmental Law Review 321 (2018)
Mary Christina Wood“Tribal Tools & Legal Levers for Halting Fossil Fuel Transports & Exports Through the Pacific Northwest” (with Anna Elza Brady and Brendan Keenan Jr.)7 American Indian Law Journal Issue 1, at Article 5 (2018)