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Legal Research and Writing

Oregon’s LRW Program Among Nation’s Best

Legal Research and Writing

… the foundation for your career

The foundation for your legal career—whether in an environmental public interest office, a courthouse, a law firm, a government office, or a boardroom—is Legal Research and Writing.

Regardless of the work you envision doing after law school, you will need strong communication skills to succeed.  To compete in today’s marketplace, you must elevate the level of research and writing skills you currently possess.  The standards for research and writing in legal practice are different and they are exacting.

Oregon Law’s nationally recognized LRW program helps students meet these high standards.  Our LRW program is currently ranked fourth in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.  We’ve been ranked in the top ten for seven years in a row.  Our talented and experienced faculty will teach you to be practice ready.

LRW will teach you to research legal sources, analyze the law to solve problems, organize legal arguments, and communicate those arguments powerfully.   The LRW course is rigorous, but students often find it is among their most valuable classes because of the practical skills training it provides.  Oregon Law students enter the workplace prepared.

After experiencing legal practice first-hand, Oregon Law students affirm the critical importance of Legal Research and Writing in meeting the complex demands of legal practice today.  LRW at Oregon is “Law the Real Way.” 


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