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Sports Law

Sports Law

Oregon Law is uniquely situated to train the next generation of sports and business lawyers. Our innovative and high-speed sports culture places us at the center of change in an expanding and exciting industry. As our athletics’ coaches like to say, “yesterday’s fast is today’s slow.”

The University of Oregon is recognized nationally not only for its excellence in academics, but for the rich legacy left by sports visionaries like Edith GreenSteve PrefontainePhil Knight, and Bill Bowerman. Our curriculum and related offerings are designed to capitalize on these resources and to provide students with both a theoretical and practical understanding of the regulation of high school, college and professional athletics.

We have alumni at Nike and adidas, at the Broncos and the Seahawks, and throughout the world of college and professional athletics. But we know that not every graduate will want a job in sports law. We view sports law as a subset of business law. By using the sports industry as a case study, we believe we train not only the best sports lawyers, but the best business lawyers.

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