Oregon Summer Sports Law Institute Courses

2024 Course Descriptions

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The Oregon Summer Sports Law Institute’s comprehensive curriculum introduces aspiring sports lawyers to a broad range of legal topics relevant to the practice of sports law. The Institute features two courses and a unique mix of classes, lectures, panels, and excursions, led by the Institute's director, Professor Ryan Gauthier, and a host of guest faculty and industry leaders.

Over the course of the summer, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wide world of sports law theory and practice. Learn more about our 2024 course offerings below.

Professional Sports Law (3 Credits)

Explore the exciting world of sports law in this foundational course. Delve into the legal structures and regulations governing professional sports leagues, college athletics, and international sporting bodies. This introductory course aims to familiarize students with the legal frameworks in sports, paving the way for further studies and careers in sports law.

Format: The course is designed as a hybrid learning experience combining asynchronous lectures, synchronous Zoom sessions, and an immersive in-person week.

Timeline: The course spans the first five weeks of the summer session (May 28-June 28). The first four weeks, there’ll be a mix of asynchronous lectures and synchronous lectures, all done remotely. The course will culminate in an in-person week at the end of June (June 24-28), held during the US Olympic Team Track & Field Trials in Eugene.

Topics Covered:

  • Asynchronous Modules: Modules cover an array of fundamental areas such as sports law basics, labor relations, intellectual property, international sports governance, antitrust issues, and more. 
  • Synchronous Sessions: During synchronous sessions, students will participate in live class sessions with faculty and guest speakers to explore contemporary issues in sports law, such as gambling, eSports, human rights, the business aspect of sports, and mega-sporting events.
  • In-Person Sessions: Students will be immersed in discussions on critical topics like gender equity in sports, international sports governance, the role of a general counsel in sports, and NCAA compliance.

Key Takeaways: This course provides a blend of theoretical foundations and practical insights into the complexities of sports law, the evolving landscape of sports governance, and the ethical and business dimensions of this growing field.

Sports Law - Pathway to Practice (3 Credits)

This immersive summer course merges legal theory with practical application in sports law. Through a hands-on approach, students hone their negotiation, contract drafting, and advocacy skills while engaging in career development opportunities, including professional identity formation and networking. 

Format: This is a four-week, in-person course held at the University of Oregon School of Law in Eugene, Oregon.

Timeline: The course is scheduled from July 8, 2024 to August 2, 2024, and is comprised of three 4.5-day weeks and one 5-day week. Optional events/excursions will be offered weekly. 

Topics Covered:

  • Week 1: Negotiation: Introduces negotiation fundamentals and includes hands-on problem-solving sessions, guest lectures, and practical exercises.
  • Week 2: Contract Drafting: Explores the art of drafting legal contracts through problem-solving scenarios, lectures, and practical exercises. 
  • Week 3: Career Development: Engages students in resume/CV reviews, professional identity development sessions, and a trip to Portland to foster networking opportunities.
  • Week 4: Advocacy: Focuses on advocacy skills with problem-solving exercises, guest lectures, moot exercises with guest judges, and dedicated reflection/networking sessions.

Key Takeaways: This immersive program not only hones essential legal skills but also provides invaluable insights into the practical application of sports law. Students gain hands-on experience, refine their professional identities, and establish connections within the sports law field, preparing them to hit the ground running in the dynamic field of sports law.